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Uhuru Succession Giving Kenyan Politicians Sleepless Nights

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Kenya’s corridors of power are jammed with lobbyists seeking to popularise particular politicians they consider as best replacement for President Uhuru Kenyatta after he bows out of the highest seat.

Kenyatta has been fronting for a new Kenya in which Kenyans are all equal and should compete for the Presidency. For Uhuru, Kenya is no longer a piece of cake for two tribes (kalenjin and Kikuyus) that have governed East Africa’s biggest economy since independence.

Uhuru on Thursday warned Kenyans against voting for “a demolition squad”.

Deputy President William Ruto is currently up in arms against Uhuru’s constitution amendment initiative that is aimed at chopping the powers of the president, creating new posts in government especially Prime Minister and empowering regional governments.

“We spend almost two years after every election on conflicts,” Uhuru said, “and that is what we want to change by ensuring inclusivity for all communities.”

He has since dismissed claims by a section of leaders, including his Deputy William Ruto that Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) is all about creating positions for individuals. Critics of the BBI initiative argue that it is aimed at handing the presidency to Raila Odinga.

“Constitutional change is not all about creating positions for anyone,” he said, “it is aimed at ensuring we no longer have the winner takes it all and loser goes home with nothing after elections,” President Kenyatta said.

A section of President Uhuru’s inner-circle is quietly pushing Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi to be his preferred successor.

Local media with deep connections to the ruling party reports that powerful forces around State House are working on an elaborate scheme to make Musalia as the only formidable candidate against Deputy President William Ruto.

However, Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) Raila Odinga’s team insists he should be given a final chance to lead the country— for five years — and that his bastions would revolt if he is not on the ballot.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Kenya’s big politicians gathered for a remembrance service to mark one year since former President Daniel Toroitich arap Moi passed on.

Uhuru said there were people who had built Kenya with sweat and blood and urged those seeking power to do so with respect.

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