Uganda’s Largest Ferry Unveiled



Uganda is expected to unveil its largest ever water vessel named MV Sigulu ferry. It is by far Uganda’s largest passenger ferry with capacity of 300 passengers, it is locally built.

Nearly every year, Uganda gets into the news with regular boats capsizing on Lake Victoria losing many lives. Most of these boats that capsize are either too old, overloaded and not fueled enough leading to mysterious but avoidable accidents.

President Yoweri Museveni currently campaigning for his fifth term in office is expected to unveil the new Ferry and use the occasion to canvass for votes.

In May this year alone, a Ugandan owned ferry capsized killing dozens of passengers plying through Lake Victoria waters.

At least 30 people died after a boat transporting football players and fans capsized on Lake Albert in Western Uganda in May 2018. In the same year, another 29 people died after a cruise boat carrying party revellers capsized on Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria is the world’s second-biggest lake and the largest in Africa- this lake is shared by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania and some 30 million people depend on its resources.

Challenges include pollution and falling water levels – biodiversity in Lake Victoria has dropped by 50% since the 1980’s.

English colonialist John Hanning Speke named it after Britain’s Queen Victoria when he travelled there in 1858.

Some have called for the lake’s name to be changed – proposals include its Luganda-language name Nalubaale, and Lake Jumuiya which means “togetherness” in Swahili.

President Museveni (in yellow shirt) I have commissioned the MV Sigulu which now becomes Uganda’s largest passenger ferry and retains a space for over 18 cars. This ferry connects to Sigulu & Lolwe islands from Namayingo mainland.

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