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Ugandan Calls Bobi Wine “True Messiah Of Faith And Hope”



A video of a yet to be identified Ugandan man by names, is going rounds on social media where the man describes Uganda’s Presidential Candidate Bobi Wine a “true messiah” of faith and hope.

In a deep voice, the calmly composed man, elegantly expressed what political observers have described as the bone in the meat. He challenged Bobi Wine’s critics who have for long doubted his ability to lead the country.

In the video, link below, the man says; “I don’t care what you call him,” he said, “I don’t care what you try to do to him, Bobi Wine is the true messiah of faith and hope.”

In the 1:31 minutes video, the man explained what he believes Bobi Wines stands for and what he represents.” Before you judge and before you call him names, and say whatever you want to say, ask yourself one question,” he said, adding, “If you had what he has, in terms of money, in terms of family and children, and fame…would you have done what he has done, would you have risked what he has risked?”



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