Uganda: Candidate Kyagulanyi Teargased For Breaking Covid-19 Guidelines



Uganda Police on Sunday sandwiched the car carrying Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi and teargased him and his supporters for grossly disregarding the government’s guidelines against Covid-19 pandemic.

“A teargas canister was thrown directly into my car, in Mbale district. The crime of the people was waving at me, and marching with me peacefully towards our designated venue,” Presidential candidate Kyagulanyi said.

“Why would you have to go against the guidelines of the electoral commission? You were advised to put into practice the preventive measures against the deadly coronavirus but instead you become an agent in spreading it among the innocent local people,” Jordan a concerned Ugandan reacted to Kyagulanyi’s post on social media.

However, Kyagulanyi whose campaign methods are contradictory include, running with a crown of supporters for longer distances to the venue of his campaign speeches.

According to Museveni this campaign is supposed to be conducted in a scientific format as opposed to the traditional way of physical rallies, “we are running a purely scientific campaign because of this terrible pandemic.”

General elections will be held in Uganda on 14 January 2021.

“Gen. Museveni and his pathetic hypocrisy. In every town, our people are brutalised, teargassed and arrested for gathering to wave at us.  On the other hand, Museveni hires people, dresses them in t-shirts and parades them on streets under police protection,” candidate Kyagulanyi further complained.

Incumbent President and candidate Yoweri Museveni however, says, “Current circumstances (Covid-19) do not allow me to do rallies. Although I am also campaigning, I call upon my colleagues to desist from endangering our people no matter the reason. The ones in charge should also see to it that Ugandans’ lives are protected.”

For Museveni who walked away from the campaign venue podium and took to the ground and showed his fitness stamina by taking press ups, argued that, “In these campaigns, I have completely refused to “kill” my people by calling them for rallies.”

Covid-19 situation in Uganda as of Sunday reported cases 15,789 those recovered are 8,038 and the deaths have reached a souring 144.

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