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Ubumwe Grande Hotel In Kigali Braves #COVID-19, Resumes Operations

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Ubumwe Grande Hotel has resumed its operations three months after the facility shut down due to COVID -19 lockdown.

The four-star rated hotel is located in the heart of Kigali City with easy access to shopping arcades, banks, and government offices.  The hotel is now open for business meetings and private functions as per government guidelines.

Hotel facilities are all working and accessible from Monday to Sunday, according to Media Umulisa, the Hotel Sales & Marketing Manager.

She excitedly told Taarifa that the hotel is now in operational and “very happy to receive customers again.”

She said the restaurant segment is now vibrant and offers most of the items on their menu, especially at their Kahawa lounge and Fiesta Restaurant.

More importantly, the hotel’s conference facilities are working. For the past two weeks, the hotel has hosted business events including workshops.

Umulisa said that the hotel has been practicing measures to reduce the spread of the virus; such as the use of sanitizers, temperature check at the entrance, washing hands, wearing masks, social distancing during set up and shall continue to do so until further notice to safeguards the health of the hotel guests and staff.

“The hotel has taken a lead in opening up its operations at a moderate scale,” she says, adding that “the move is to encourage others to feel comfortable and hopefully that the industry, which has been hit hard, will revive and life will come back to normalcy.”

The hotel’s occupancy is mostly affected by almost zero tenants. “However, we are planning to offer reasonable discounts in our different packages to allow customers to come and enjoy our services even when the economy has not yet picked up,” Umulisa said.

The hotel said that it takes responsibility to ensure that the facility is safe for meetings, business lunches by ensuring service provision meets World Health Organization guidelines and the government directives.