Tycoon Muvunyi Fights For Land RDF Strategically Wants



Businessman Paul Muvunyi did not celebrate Christmas from home because a day before he was arrested in connection with an alleged forgery.

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) said the businessman and three other accomplices were detained to help investigations into a suspected forgery crime committed in Karongi district.

The co-accused include; Rtd Col Ruzibiza Eugène, Niyongamije Gérald and one Kayigema Félicien.

Niyongamije Gérald has been Executive Secretary of Gasura cell in Karongi district while Kayigema Félicien is a resident of Karongi district.

Rtd Col Ruzibiza once headed the Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) in Karongi district and Muvunyi is proprietor of Kivu Safari Lodge and other investments.

Muvunyi is a native of Karongi.

Taarifa drove to Karongi district to dig into this matter currently being processed ahead of an impending court battle between the businessman and his accusers.

The accusers are yet to be identified, though.

The forgery case is linked to a purchase of a piece of land close to a military facility on the shores of Lake Kivu.

Muvunyi is said to have purchased this prime land, but according to RIB, there is forgery of signatures traced in the paper trail.

Taarifa Team trekked to the location of this piece of prime land at Gasura cell in Bwishyura Sector in Karongi district.

Speaking exclusively to Taarifa, the previous owners of this land said that Muvunyi purchased the land from them and has no arrears he owes them.

They also say that they are not aware of any of their signatures that Muvunyi may have forged in relation to the land purchase.

Family’s story

This family of eight children inherited the land from their parents decades ago.

Three of them past away, but each sibling had been allocated a piece of land, equitably.

One of the siblings Annonciate Mukangamije died from DR Congo where she resided.

Later, her son came to Karongi to claim her mother’s property.

At the time, Muvunyi was looking for land to buy in the area. He  was in talks with a neighbour to this family who happens to be a member of the land committee of the Gasura cell.

Later, Muvunyi was told that this family was also selling their land. He preferred theirs. They agreed and a sale was made.

Mukangamije’s son and his uncle signed the papers before local authorities. And that’s how Muvunyi aquired the land and was later given his land tittle by Land Center.

Years later, the same Land Centre, according to RIB, canceled his land title accusing him of forging the signature of Annonciate Mukangamije.

Kayigema, a member of this family that sold the land together with his nephew is behind bars as an accomplice in the alleged forgery case. The other suspects also face same charges.

His younger brother, Jean Nsabimana, told Taarifa that Muvunyi had misunderstanding with the army that expected him to sell to them this piece of land.

Apparently RDF has expropriated everyone in the strategic area along the lake except Muvunyi. He is reportedly being squeezed to give up the land.

“They disagreed on the price. This could be the source of his problems,” Nsabimana told Taarifa.

All suspects were interrogated by RIB and prosecution for a possible court case.

They are still detained.

RDF’s Spokesperson Lt. Col. Ronald Rwivanga declined to comment on the matter. He said that he has no details regarding the subject. He was appointed in the position a few days ago.

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