Tigrayan militia Massacres 600 In Ethiopia



The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has estimated that 600 people have been massacred in the western town of Mai-Kadra. These crimes were allegedly committed by a Tigrayan militia.

According to the latest investigation by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, at least 600 Amhara individuals were massacred in Mai-Kadra by a Tigray militia.

Amnesty International had already raised fears of this village located along the Sudanese border, victim of violence between civilians on November 9.

Crimes were planned and then committed in cold blood by the Samri, a brigade of young Tigrayan militiamen, after interviews with survivors.

The account of events is unequivocal, the towns people would have had no chance of escaping their tormentors. The massacre is taking place in these lands in the west of the province, the scene of territorial claims between Amharas and Tigrayans for decades.

However, the current situation calls for caution because contradictory testimonies are pouring in from neighboring Sudan, where more than 40,000 Ethiopians have taken refuge.

It is still impossible to fully shed light on these crimes today. And these questions remain as long as the Tigray remains in the dark, cut off from all contact with the outside as it has been for twenty-two days.

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