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Three Children Of Kayonza District Starving To Death

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This life, no balance!, goes a Nigerian comedy buzz word. Indeed, for three children of some village family in Kayonza district life is now off balance.

They are starving to death. Their mother has abandoned them after her husband, Kalinganire, was thrown in jail for stealing a bunch of banana from a neighbor’s plantation.

Their mother, one Munganyinka, is now married to another husband.

The eldest of the children is 13 years old, the second is 11, and the third is five years.

A local tabloid,, said the first born is forced to look for casual jobs such as carrying laggages at a local market to earn as little as Rwf300 (3 cents) to fend for her siblings. They sometime sleep on empty stomachs when she doesn’t get anything.

They children have dropped out of school and are languishing in the village with no one to take care of them.

Pascal Nkurunziza, the executive secretary of Nyamirama sector of Kayonza district,  declined to speak to journalists about the matter. Even his superiors, such as Jean Damascène Harerimana, the Kayonza Vice Mayor in charge of social affairs refused to speak to the press too.

The fate of the children hangs in balance.