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This Rwandan Singer Will Send Chills Through Your Veins


Rita Ange Kagaju, same names she uses on stage, is a young Rwandan upcoming musician.

She is 18, with a flawless voice and a great guitarist.

She grew up in the Eastern province, Rwamagana. Second born in a family of ten. And is currently living in Kanombe.

She graduated from highschool last year at Rwamagana Lutheran School, currently taking the gap year and participating in community activities and will start college next year.

How did she start music?
She loved a guitar from a young age, so started by watching YouTube tutorials of how to play it and learning from them, she started playing and recording herself in 2014, posting videos of herself on YouTube, mainly cover songs of other artists.

Kagaju also participated in “am the future” talent competition, emerging the second.

Later in 2016, IDA records saw one of her videos and was blown away. They asked her to come to the studio for an acapella.

When the manager heard her, he was amazed by her talent and said they wanted to sign her.

Kagaju rejected because she needed to first graduate from highschool.

She graduated November 2018, then got signed in IDA records in March this year.

She recorded a try out song called “a song to him”. It became a hit, with massive positive feedback.

She then started recording professionally.
Her first song was “jamaa”, followed by “no offense”, both uploded on YouTube channel of IDA records.

The two releases are making people talk in tongues.

An amazing vocalist, with great guitar skills, Kajuga is tremendous at such a young age.

From the comments on social media like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, you can tell she is a talent that speaks to everyone.

How do you see the music industry?
“It’s really not the best industry or with the best opportunities but little by little with the right talents it will grow”, Kagaju told Taarifa.

Here is the little chit chat with her.

What did you learn from music and where do see yourself in the future?

As an introvert, for the past months I have learnt that music is my best friend and helps me to communicate to the outside world and that music can be multipurpose.

Making money from music is not my first priority but speaking and communicating through music is.

I want to develop my music but not before my Education, I will attend college first then come to music.

But, I do see myself going further in the future, even beyond East Africa and ahead.

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