The Brand Behind The Product

I shouldn’t even ask whether you’ve gone shopping before because I bet you have and could probably be doing it now. It’s one of those exciting activities we do from time to time.

Did you realize that for some products, you are particular about which brand they belong to and for others, you just pick any off the shelf? If I went shopping for a communication device, I already know which brand I’ll be looking for long before I get there. The same goes for liquor, bath soap, or toothpaste. I believe you too, have your bespoke list.

However, when it comes to sugar, salt, toilet paper, matchboxes, wax candles, or rice, I’ll pretty much pick it from any brand off the shelf. Does this mean that sugar or toilet paper brands aren’t working hard enough to differentiate between themselves or am I drawn to a particular brand because of promo price discount, the familiarity of use, top of mind awareness from frequent ads, and word of mouth/ social endorsement of a particular product’s quality?

This cocktail of reasons and more is what separates brands that boast of high consumption and haul in revenues versus those that get lucky to be chosen in the picky-picky-ponky game. The latter here is selected based on price. Vusi Thembekwayo puts it so well. He says that a discussion around price has no value. Whatever you are dealing with has been commoditized.

If your brand’s “why” is inherent in your product communication, consumers will be attracted to it. The “why”, is the reason you do what you do. And always remember, a brand is your audience’s perception of you. This perception can be informed by the quality of your advertising, social media presence, website, and your promise to your customers.

So, what do your customers care about the most, is it your product or brand?

Robert Kayimbye is a Brand and Marketing Communications expert and our regular columnist.

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1 Comment

  1. Julio Albany

    November 6, 2020 at 3:36 pm

    medical disposable is going up

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