Team Rwanda Wins Stage I Of Grand Prix Chantal Biya Race



Team Rwanda’s Mugisha Moise (pictured below) has pedalled to the finish line emerging winner of Stage I Of Grand Prix Chantal Biya Race taking place in Cameroon . He technically takes the Yellow Jersey for today and will have to defend it in the remaining four stages.

Honore Yossi the head of Cameroon cycling federation said at the official launch of the race on Tuesday that the competition is taking place within a context marked by the Covid-19 pandemic which has caused competitions in the federation to be cancelled or postponed for eight months, hence depriving cameroon cyclists of preparing well for this race.

Second stage

This will take place along the Akonolinga-Abong-Mbang highway (139.5km),

Third Stage

For this is set from Yaounde to Ebolowa (Nkolandom) (167km).

Fourth stage

Riders will pedal from Zoétélé town-Nkwang-Meyomessala (116.4km)

Stage 5

As the last lap, it will see riders pedaling along the Sangmelima-Yaounde highway (166km).

Grand Prix Chantal Biya: Team Rwanda Rolls For 95,9 Km Stage I

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