Stromae Hints On Releasing New Album

Paul Van Haver, a Belgian musician known by his stage name Stromae, has hinted on plans to drop a new album although he has not specified the exact date.

This half-Rwandan singer held a concert in Kigali in October 2015 and memories of his show still ring fresh to the fans.

However, this artist has been very silent since then ven though his name appears in a number of collaborations, including one on Coldplay’s latest album but also with Bigflo and Oli, Vitaa, Orelsan, etc.

He also appeared on stage with the latter at a concert in Brussels. But musically, he hasn’t released anything under his name except “Défiler”, a long title that accompanied the presentation of his Mosaert collection shown at Le Bon Marché in Paris in April 2018.

He confirmed it to a French publication Liberation during an interview with his wife Coralie Barbier and his younger brother Luc Junior Tam with whom he runs his shop.

While he confesses to having stopped everything during a time when he was really not doing well, he says he works every day, with and for others. And he adds: “An album will come at some point but I don’t really have a date”.

“Even if I had been on an artist contract, I couldn’t have been forced. Either I would have found a subterfuge, or I would have released a rotten album, without giving a shit … A lot of artists do that. ”

It was almost ten years ago, August 16, 2011 to be precise. Stromae released Racine Carrée, his second album, the one that would raise him to the rank of super star, led by the singles “Papaoutai” and “Formidable” to name a few.

In the process, he continued with the Racine carrée Tour, more than 170 dates spread between November 9, 2013 and October 17, 2015, which led him to perform in Germany, London, Brazil, in Madison Square. Garden in New York, as well as in Africa, with concerts in Kinshasa and Kigali. This concert marathon would lead to what we know and his disappearance from radar screens, or almost since.

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