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Striking Post Workers Paralyse Algeria

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For the Fourth day today, Algiers the capital of Algeria has been on tension as Postal workers continue with a massive strike.

The management of Algeria Post announced that it was taking charge of the grievances of its employees. The Postal employees have deserted the counters.

No trade union or other collective of workers has claimed responsibility for this strike.

Employees are allegedly making certain demands such as the payment of bonuses, the 13th month bonus and compensation for weekend days worked, such as Saturdays and the few Fridays.

At the office of the Place du 1er-Mai, customers are received but the service does not follow; which created anarchy within.

Not admitting the unexpected, customers shouted their anger at employees who didn’t even flinch. “Are you on strike?” we ask a counter attendant who is not providing service.

“My shift is over,” she informs. And his replacement? She then evokes “a liquidity problem” before letting go: “We are on strike.”

In a statement made public yesterday, Algérie Poste announced the payment of the incentive bonus during this month of Ramadhan.

Affirming that it had dialogued and consulted with the social partner, Algérie Poste added that all measures for the satisfaction of the other demands have been taken, but will only be applicable once the union of the company is created.