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Statistical Distribution Of Rwandan Students In UK By Subjects Studied, Academic Levels And Popular Universities

The UK is one of Rwanda’s top development partners and both countries enjoy a healthydiplomaric relationship.

The partnership stretches to aid, inter trade and cultural exchange.

The UK has defined geopolitical interests in the East African region, and Rwanda presents an interesting mix after the country’s move to asign English as the language of instruction for formal education.

This has opened up for deeper association and engagement between the two nations, including knowledge exchange.

Based on enrollment statistics collected from 183 recognized higher education providers in the UK, as of 2017/18 there were 95 students from Rwanda enrolled in UK universities, according to Studying-in-UK.org.

Official figures indicate that the number of Rwandans who are studying abroad in the UK has decreased.

However, as the world’s second most popular study destination, the UK remains a major attraction for many talented and ambitious students from Rwanda. 

Two years ago during 2016/17, the number of Rwandan students attending British universities was at 140. By contrast, in the following year 2017/18 their number dropped at only 95 students. 

Annual statistics provide additional insights into the geographical and academic distribution of these students.

According to official data, most Rwandan students in the UK are studying for postgraduate degrees. Last year there were 65 students aiming to get a postgraduate degree while the remainder of 30 students was attending undergraduate degree courses. 

Similar to international students of other nationalities in the UK, Business degrees are the most popular for Rwandan students.

During 2017/18, a number of 25 Rwandan students were pursuing Business degrees in the UK more than any other subject. 

In addition, Engineering & Technology and Social Studies seem to appear quite attractive to Rwandan students. In 2017/18, 15 Rwandan students were studying for a degree in each of these two study areas. In the same time, 10 students were enrolled in Law degree courses. 

Quite as expected, England is the most favorite study destination over other British countries.

Of all Rwandan students in the UK, 70 of them have chosen English universities.

On the other hand, universities in Scotland count 20 Rwandan students and Wales only 5. Currently, there are no students from Rwanda in Northern Ireland universities. 

The UK has a large number of universities and many of them are highly ranked in key global independent assessment bodies. However, based on enrollment data some of them are particularly attractive to students from Rwanda. 

The following British universities have the highest number of Rwandan students:


  • The University of Aberdeen 
  • Anglia Ruskin University
  • Bangor University
  • City, University of London
  • Coventry University
  • The University of Dundee
  • The University of Glasgow
  • The University of Manchester


Universities in the UK receive a high global ranking year after year.

Year global reputation, complemented with a wide range of career opportunities, innovative degree courses and unique experiences are what make the UK this much-desired study destination for Rwandan students.

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