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Squirrel Photo Shoot Confuses Many On Social Media


It was once only possible with students of original imaginative art before the advent of the acute camera lenses capable of picking micro details of a subject in focus – but a Dutch photographer Geert Weggen has tickled artisits to another challenge.

Weggen was inspired by squirrels in an apple garden always seeing them chase along each other – his thirst for composition using the camera lens trickled in and he came up with a funky idea.

He built an apple cart specially tailored for squirrels in his garden before capturing these delightfully candid moments with his camera.

This photography set has caused a lot of conflicting reactions on social media after Chinese CGTN tweeted the photos of Weggen.

“I think it’s Photoshoped. Take a look and compare #2,3 and 4. The branch is on the same position on all three photos, with squirrel or without,” Bine Žerko of imaging systems noted in response to the photos doing rounds on social media.

Meanwhile another tweep idenfitied as Ameikinz said, “I thought CG meant computer generated then I read it is the China Global Television Network. But I agree, photoshop or the Chinese version of it.”

The reactions continued with one critic Thorlaug Borg a political scientist saying that the cart is clearly fixed so they’re playing with a static cart (one pic flipped); “What I find impressive is the mid-wing-stroke bird in the background of the first photo with its buddy sitting on the branch.”

“Interesting… call me a skeptic, but apparently one of the squirrels is absolutely weightless or otherwise the branch is made of steel. There’s no movement from the image with him on the cart to the image of him on the branch. Definitely gotta be PhotoShop,” said R. M. Mulder, Author.

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