SPENN Mobile Money Users Can Now Pay For YEGO Cab, Moto



SPENN, together with I&M Bank (Rwanda) Plc. has launched a new partnership with Yego, allowing all SPENN users to pay for Yego taxis and motos using SPENN.

With the partnership with Yego, SPENN continues to support Rwanda’s mission to go cashless by enabling easy, quick and free payments of Yego taxi services.

In these times of uncertainty due to COVID-19, SPENN, together with I&M Bank Plc., continues to work to ensure Rwandans have all necessary features in their SPENN Application to allow them to go cashless.

Haguma, country manager of SPENN Rwanda said, “We understand that during this time, the priority is the safety of our people. Taxi motos are the most convenient mode of transport to many Rwandans and by enabling SPENN as a method of payment, SPENN users are given the ability to transact safely without paying extra fees”.

SPENN is committed to integrating with companies such YEGO to create a complete digital economy ecosystem in Rwanda. Our unique approach is that we don’t charge a commission. Added Norbert Haguma.

The partnership with Yego begins right after SPENN has launched a savings account which is completely cost free, has no minimum deposit requirements, pays 4% annual interest and gives users the freedom to withdraw and deposit funds anytime, anywhere.

Having YEGO as a partner is a great achievement and a way to reach out to many Rwandans to become cashless while transacting on SPENN at zero fee. Payment on the YEGO meters is easy, simple and instant.

Robin Bairstow, CEO, I&MBank (Rwanda) Plc. said,“SPENN’s partnership with YEGO will offer convenience to customers, whilst saving time and hassle through safe and convenient transactions that can be conducted on-the-go.

The Bank will continue to ensure most services are availed on the SPENN application, with the aim of creating seamless customer service experience.”

Additional features SPENN is excited to launch in the near future is for users to be able to pay for water bills, Canal+, DSTV, taxes, and furthermore SPENN users will soon have access to a push & pull function.

By downloading the cost-free SPENN application, everyone can access financial services as users donot need to have a bank account to register.

SPENN provides services such as savings, money transfers, airtime purchases, bills payment, payments in stores and deposit or cash out at any I&M Bank branch in Rwanda, and now paying for Yego taxis and motos at zero fees.


SPENN is a Norwegian Fintech company established in 2015. Today, SPENN is present in 11 markets, live in 4 markets and directly employs over 100 people across three continents.

SPENN’s mission is to give everyone equal financial opportunity through innovative technology.

SPENN wants to empower people by creating a world where everyone can manage their savings, payments and investments in an honest, transparent and secure way.SPENN is the solution for everyone to be a part of the cashless society, enabling them to transact money instantly, securely and free of fees.

For more information, visit https://www.spenn.comor contact the SPENN customer service team on +250781288255

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