South Africa’s ANC Party May Force SG To Step Aside



Ace Magashule the Secretary General of South Africa’s ruling party ANC, has no other way out left but being forced to step aside.

The adamant politician considered the next in queue for the presidency is charged with 21 counts of corruption, money laundering and gross fraud.

According to the party, a resolution was adopted in August that whenever a member is being investigated, they are required to first step aside to allow due processing of their cases.

However, Ace Magashule seems to have a different interpretation of the resolution on stepping aside. He believes that some other factions are hellbent on ensuring his down fall.

President Cyril Ramaphosa on Tuesday appeared at the party’s highest decision making organ, National Executive Committee and called on the organ to respect its own decisions and excersise what he termed as “Revolutionary Political Consciousness”.

In essence, Ramaphosa was referring to those found or implicated on allegations of wrongdoing to step aside.

“The challenge is not implementation of NEC resolutions. There is a far deep problem of revolutionary discipline and consciousness,”He said.

The president added that as members of a revolutionary organization are all bound by their constitution, “by resolutions of our conferences and by the decisions of our structures”.

“If he defies the instructions by the party’s NWC, then the NWC may consider disciplinary action against the SG according to rule 25.3,”according to Advocate Malindi Gcina based in South Africa.

South Africa’s Ruling Party Factions Clash At NEC Meeting


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