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Soccer Rivals Simba and Yanga Await Decision On postponed Match

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Tanzanian soccer rivals are anxiously waiting for a decision from the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) and Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB) regarding their match which was postponed indefinitely last Saturday.

The two clubs said that an apology was made by the football governing body soon after the incidence that is bound to tarnish the image of the game inand outside the country.

Speaking yesterday, Yanga’s secretary general Hajji Mfikirwa said it is too early to state if they will play the match against Simba or not, as they still do not know the final decision by TFF and TPLB on the matter.

Mfikirwa said Yanga are still making an analysis of the expenses they have incurred in preparing for the encounter – and hope to establish the exact costs early next week.

“I cannot say if we will play against Simba or not, we do not yet know what TFF’s final decision on the matter – especially: exactly what caused the match to be postponed.

“Their findings would matter vis-a-vis our costs… we cannot meet to discuss the matter. We may be in a better position next week to tell what we have spent ahead of the game,” said Mfikirwa.

A director on Simba’s board, Salim ‘Try Again’ Abdallah, said they are awaiting the decision of the football governing body on the matter, to which they’ll adhere.

“Let’s wait for TFF and TPLB findings – and we will decide after that,” Abdallah said on Sunday.

“We apologizing to all stakeholders – especially those who paid entrance fees, those who were waiting to watch on tv or listen on the radio. We are saddened by what happened and caused yesterday’s Premier League match between Simba and Yanga to be postponed,” he said.

In another development, TFF has directed the Premier League Board to provide detailed information on the postponement of the match – and how it plans to deal with people who bought tickets for the match.