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Rwanda’s Weekly Coffee Export Earnings Rise 32%

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Rwanda’s weekly coffee export has experienced a very big jump both in volume and revenue according to National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB).

“Last week we exported a total of366,780Kg of Rwanda Coffee which gained U$1,336,935. In comparison to the previous week, both quantities and revenues increased by 17.8% and 32.8% respectively,” NAEB in its update on Easter Monday.

NAEB also says the main countries of destination for Rwanda’s coffee included; Russia, China, Germany and Canada.

However, Rwanda Tea has suffered a setback as export volumes significantly dropped leading to a fall in revenue.

“We exported 423,420Kg of Tea generating U$1,099,797. Compared to the previous week, both quantities and revenues reduced by 22%. Main countries of destination were Pakistan, UK, and Afghanistan among others,” NAEB said.

Rwanda also shipped out 176,413Kg of horticultural products which generated U$494,716.  Key export commodities were avocados, passion fruits, chilly, French beans and flowers destined to Holland, DRC, UK and Germany among others.