Rwanda’s Speaker Of Parliament, Mukabalisa, Retains Her Job



Donatile Mukabalisa, who was the incumbent Speaker of the Rwanda’s Lower House of Parliament will keep her position for the next five years (2018-2023).

Mukabalisa swept 100% of the votes in an election held at the Parliament building today, Wednesday September 19, 2018 after the new MPs were sworn in.

The swearing in of the new MPs was presided over by the President of the Republic, Paul Kagame.

Mukabalisa, who was the only candidate for the post, collected all the total votes of the 80 MPs who took part in the votes.

Mukabalisa was campaigned for by her fellow MP Marie Izabiriza who described her as an “intelligent, far-sighted and experienced in parliamentary activities,” because 2000 to 2018, she was the member of parliament except only the three years she was not in the low chamber of parliament.

The said three years Mukabalisa spent out of the lower house, she was in the upper house as a senator.

Mukabalisa was asked if she accepted the candidacy to which she replied “Yes”.

Ruku John Byanyoma, the other candidate who ran for the position of the Speaker of Parliament withdrew his candidacy after it was found he belongs to the Political Party with the President of the Republic.

The Constitution stipulates that no Speaker of Parliament can be voted while he or she is from the ruling Political Party.

Byanyoma immediately withdrew his candidacy and announced his support for Mukabalisa who remained the sole candidate and collected all the 80 votes.

The 58 year old Donatile Mukabalisa, married and mother of three children is a member of the Rwanda’s Liberal Party (PL).

The first parliament after the Transitional National Assembly was led by Alfred Mukezamfura form PDC, who was replaced by Rose Mukantabana who was neutral (belonging to no Political Party) while Mukantabana was Speaker of the third parliament.

After the Genocide, the Government of Unity founded the Transititional National Assembly which had as Speaker, Juvenal Nkusi form Social Democratic Party (PSD).

Nkusi was replaced by Joseph Sebarenzi from Liberal Party (PL) while Dr. Vincent Biruta from PSD was the last Speaker of the Transitional National Assembly.

Meanwhile those who have worked with Mukabalisa, say she is not only a polished politician, but also a woman with a strong character and temperament.