Rwanda’s Prof. Nshuti Joins EAC Assembly As Ex-Officio



Hon Prof Nshuti Manasseh Rwanda’s State Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation has officially become an Ex-Officio Member of the East African Legislative Assembly.

On Tuesday, he took Oath of Allegiance after virtually being introduced to the regional parliament as per Rule 5 of the Rules and Procedures of the Assembly.

According to the Rule 5(4) of the Rules of Procedure says in part that: “No Member can sit or participate in the proceedings of the House until the Oath or Affirmation of Allegiance to the Treaty is taken”.

The Prof Nshuti ’s ascent to the regional parliament’s docket comes after he was appointed Minister on April 30th replacing Hon Olivier Nduhungirehe.

EALA Speaker, Rt Hon Ngoga Karoli Martin said Prof. Nshuti is a seasoned politician and academician and a ‘right fit’ for the Community having lived and worked in other parts of the EAC region.

In his first presentation to the August house after being introduced and taking oath, Prof Nshuti assured legislators that he was committed to ensuring full integration.

On the same day the Assembly elected 12 Commissioners – two per partner state – to serve the 4th Assembly for the remaining two and a half years of its five-year tenure.

For Rwanda Oda Gasinzigwa and François-Xavier Kalinda were nominated by the Rwanda chapter to continue serving at the regional bloc’s Assembly.

The duo were members of the outgoing EALA Commission which manages the affairs of the Assembly, organises the business and programme of the House, and nominates members of other committees.

“Rwanda led the Assembly well even though we started at a difficult point when our Speakership was challenged,” Gasinzigwa said, adding, “We appreciate the opportunity we were given to serve.”



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