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Rwandans, Ugandans, Kenyans Battle For Actor Daniel Kaluuya

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Daniel Kaluuya may have won an Oscar award as the best supporting actor and incidentally becoming the first black British actor to win an Oscar, but the war for his ancestry is raging on among East Africans.

Rwandans have begun claiming Kaluuya although giving no evidence of his links to the cradle land of a thousand hills.

The Kenyans on social media, owing to their strength have swang in action in a big bang claiming the actor is indeed Kenyan from the  Luhya tribe.

“People giving us screenshots, shauri yenu. When we say he’s Kenyan, we know what we are saying. Congratulations the son of our soil. Khaluuya is my neighbour here in Bungoma. We schooled with his sister in Namachanja High school. His mother is our Church treasurer,” Gladwell Pamba says.

According to Ras Amani, “We have decided and it’s settled. Ugandans can go settle their beef with M7. Kaluuya is ours, he’s Luhya. End of story.”

For Ugandan Peter Masiga, “When did he become Kenyan? Is Jinja in Kenya?”.

Another Kenyan says, “Who thought you’d come from Mwihoko and represent us on a global stage? In the words of Amondi Nyong’o, “No matter where you are from your dreams are valid.”

“Kenyans with you arrogance kila kitu nice u think ni yako. Sasa they are gona come barking,” says Raymond Owner Suzan Apparel & Textiles Accessories.

For the Ugandans always weak on social media, have failed to defend their own brother.

“What belongs to Uganda will always find its way back . Take him to Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda…u can as well take him to Egypt, but he will find his way back to Uganda,” Kathy says.

For Leonard Mugisha, ” Ugandans can steal anything but not people…coz we are intelligent… so if we say Kaluuya is ours..he is ours.”

“If you listen to his acceptance speech, he shouted out “his family all the way from London to Kampala“ not Nairobi Rolling on the floor laughing That being said, it’s still a Win for East Africa!!!” Kindazi clare says.

However, according to his official profile, Daniel Kaluuya aged 32 is a British and Ugandan actor. Kaluuya began his acting career as a teenager in improvisational theatre.

Kaluuya subsequently portrayed Posh Kenneth in the first two seasons of the British television series Skins; he also co-wrote some of the episodes.