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Rwandans Spend Much of Annual Income on Xmas




About 80% of the Rwandan population are Christians, this means they annually celebrate Christmas to honour the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas is just three weeks away and it is evident that most Rwandans are preparing for this holiday season always the longest in a year.

Around the world, families are making plans to celebrate the season with unique traditions, once-a-year meals, gifts and more.

A study conducted by WorldRemit to determine the true cost of Christmas in 14 countries showcases the average costs of traditional Christmas meals, decorations and gifts.

Data showed Rwandans are most impacted by the disparity between average household income and holiday costs, spending 708% of their monthly income and nearly 60% of their annual income on the holiday.

The study, looked at 14 countries [USA,UK,Canada, Australia, France, Philippines, Mexico, India, Kenya,Lebanon,Rwanda,Cameroon,Nigeria and Uganda] and researched basic Christmas Costs – including the main holiday meal, average gift spend and decorations.

According to this study, Christmas items were selected based on desk research of typical Christmas meals, gifts and decorations. “We then researched the average price of each item for an average family on an average income. The prices were researched online in late October 2021 – November 2021.”

Prices and breakdowns of what is appropriate for Christmas celebrations in each country were then shared with locals of that country who we hired to validate the data as correct.

Filipinos spend 257% of their monthly income on the holiday. In the region, Christmas celebrations begin in September and extend into January, making it challenging for many families to afford the basic costs of Christmas. Without remittances into countries like the Philippines, celebrating Christmas would be near impossible.

More than 244 million people are classified as immigrants around the world and account for large percentages of populations in countries like the United States (14.4% of total population)2, UK (9%)3, Australia (30%)4 and Canada (21.5%)5.

During the holidays, immigrants and overseas foreign workers are often unable to celebrate with their families in-person, and find themselves working to support not only themselves, but also their families and communities back home.

Christmas is one of the primary reasons immigrants and migrants send money back to their home country.

Because of the high cost of coveted seasonal items, food, and the overall impact COVID has had on supply chain and inflation, it is vital for remittance senders to be able to support those dearest to them by helping make Christmas a reality for their loved ones6.

For example, of the 14 countries observed that typically receive remittances, 10 spent more than 50% of their monthly household income on the holiday.

A holiday that would be impossible without remittances, the season of giving becomes vital, where the world’s largest send markets typically only spend less than 3% of their annual income on the holiday.

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Prince Harry Wants Protection From Scotland Yard



Prince Harry has filed a British court case demanding that the British government ensure the safety of him and his family on British soil.

Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson and wife Meghan Markle lost their right to security at Scotland Yard after formally leaving the British Royal Family and moving to the US.

A legal representative for Harry and Meghan told The Sun newspaper that the prince and wife have a trip to England planned with their children – two-year-old Archie and seven-month-old Lilibet Diana – but feel exposed and insecure. , therefore asking for the support of the security team they had.

“Prince Harry inherited security risks at birth, for life. He remains sixth in line to the throne, has served twice in Afghanistan and in recent years his family has been the target of documented threats from neo-Nazis and extremists.”

“, defended the representative, adding that “as much as his role in the monarchy has changed, his profile as a member of the Royal Family has not changed. Neither have the threats to him and his family members”.

According to details, Harry believes that the private protection team he has in the US does not have adequate jurisdiction on British soil, nor access to intelligence information and therefore wants the protection of Scotland Yard.

And he is willing to pay the security out of his pocket, but the British Home Office refused the claim, in a decision that Harry seeks to appeal.

Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, announced their resignation in January 2020 and officially left their roles in the British Royal House in April 2020, moving to the US. At that time, public spending on the couple’s security was around £600,000.

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Burundi PM Bunyoni Goes ‘Bling Bling’



Alain Guillaume Bunyoni the Prime Minister of Burundi mostly dreaded while operating as security minister has shown that he is a man of bling bling taste and loyal to his wife.

Recently a video emerged showing the Burundi Premier donning a sharp glittering gold coated white suite and corresponding shoes and socks.

The dreaded Bunyoni who also once served as head of the national police appeared holding a humble cake with 50 inscribed on it possibly to some arguing that he was celebrating his 50th year on earth.

However, according to his biography, Bunyoni arrived on earth on 23rd April, 1972 technically meaning he could have skipped his birthday last year or just decided to celebrate it much earlier this year.

Going by the soothing love message in his video, Bunyoni said, “Love is very challenging, my children. You may love someone but not be loved! If you are lucky to get reciprocation from someone you love, you will have hit a jackpot. Always thank God.”

Bunyoni was later seen being fed a piece of love cake by his wife wearing an African white and gold patched print.

On the politics side of things, Bunyoni was in 2015 slapped with sanctions by the United States government. Bunyoni and eight other high ranking officials were considered key instigators of the violence and human rights abuses.

Burundi had descended into violence in April 2015, after President Pierre Nkurunziza launched a bid for a third consecutive term in office, despite concerns over the legality of such a move.

Nkurunziza’s bid to seek re-election led to the deaths of 1,200 Burundians and sent 400,000 Burundians fleeing the country.

Nkurunziza held a lock on power until June 2020, when he died just weeks after the election of his designated successor, Mag. Gen. Evariste Ndayishimiye.

Bunyoni on Burundi-Rwanda Relations 

A former head of Burundi Police and later heading the all-powerful Internal Security portfolio, Bunyoni is a very feared man in his country and now being leader of government business.

According to him, the relations between Burundi and Rwanda soured in 2015 following a failed coup in his country. His country accused Rwanda of meddling into their internal matters.

Bunyoni says the relationship “has not gone well because our demands for Rwanda are still not being met.”

The invaders of Burundi are from that country; To host those who want to overthrow the regime in Burundi in 2015; to host radio stations that speak ill of Burundi.

Bunyoni says those who planned to overthrow the regime “from General Godefroid Niyombare’s arrival in Rwanda are welcomed as kings that is well known”.

“There is nothing they can do outside of Rwanda to say that we Burundians would not know because we have friends there, we speak the same language, so that is a common occurrence.”

The Burundian government’s demands include the extradition of those who claim to be homeless and are seeking justice for crimes they may have fled.

Burundian Prime Minister Alain Guillaume Bunyoni has said it is “not a matter of saying that relations have improved and that the reason for their laughter is unresolved”.

In July, Burundian President Evariste Ndayishimiye called it a “miracle” to see Rwanda send its first minister, Edouard Ngirente, to represent Burundi at the 59th anniversary celebrations of Burundi’s independence.

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Israel Promises To Share Ideas Of Promoting Rwanda’s Religious Tourism



The Israel Embassy in Rwanda has pledged to promote religious tourism in Kibeho holy land in Nyaruguru district through cooperation between the two countries.

The Israel Ambassador, Dr. Ron Adam, said this during a tour to the holy land of Kibeho last week.

Ambassador Adam disclosed that Israel has developed its sector of religious tourism and Rwanda can also achieve the trend.  

“This place can be developed as we have developed Jerusalem and other holy cities in the country. We can share a lot of knowledge and experience,” he said.

Israel is a country that has developed religious tourism because of its richness in historical heritages with divine footprints.

The cities of Jerusalem, Nazareth and Bethlehem are the cities that have a strong connection with Jesus himself making them more than mere touristic sites but holy cities.

To Christian believers, Bethlehem is regarded as a birthplace of Jerusalem and as Nazareth as the city that Jesus grew in.

Due to this, a number of tourists across the globe flock the cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem for a celebration of Jesus’s birth and spiritual connection. It is estimated that Christian pilgrims visiting the Israel cities reach up from 500,000 to 700,000 tourists per year.

During the tour, the Israel Ambassador also met Nyaruguru district Mayor, Emmanuel Murwanashyaka, and discussed means to build formidable cooperation that could promote religious tourism with enough infrastructure, accommodations and hotels in the area.

Officials also discussed the dire need for increasing English and French translators that are necessary for foreign tourists.

According to the statistics, 50,000 religious tourists visit Kibeho holy site, annually.

Kibeho became popular when the three sisters announced that they received the apparitions of Mother Mary in a vision. 

Alphonsine Mumureke, Marie Claire Mukangango and Nathalie Mukamazimpaka are the three sisters that received a vision of Mary apparition.

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