Rwandans Among 38 Foreigners Arrested In Tanzania

Rwandans are among 38 aliens arrested in Tanzania for lack of necessary legal documents – the country’s Immigration office has said.

The suspects were arrested from Kiangu in Mtwara town after information leaked that these individuals were living at one house as they waited to travel to other countries.

“They claim that they want to go to Comoros then move on to France. Others claim they want to travel to Mozambique. We have arrested all of them from the same house,” said James Mwanjotile the Regional Immigration Officer.

Of the 38 foreigners, 15 are children.  The immigration office says the suspects are nationals from Rwanda, Burundi, DRCongo and Uganda.

According to Tanzanian Immigration office, these foreigners entered the country legally, but their residence permits have expired.

The owner of this house has also been arrested pending investigations into the matter.

Mtwara town is located on the coast of south-eastern Tanzania, along the rugged patch of coastline that leads to the country’s border with Mozambique. Elevated slightly along the Makonde Plateau, the area is one of the most remote locations in Tanzania.

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