Rwandan Author, Gabriella Afrika, Releases Emotion Rattling Book About A Rwandan Girl Born WITHOUT A HEAD, The Story Is Going Viral



Rosine Uwase is a Rwandan girl from the countryside who was born headless, she is also the protagonist in Mrs. Gabriella Emilie Afrika’s tale. 

Rosine Uwase’s tale will make you cry, angry, resillient and motivated.

The author’s protagonist, Rosine Uwase, is a fictionate character, both partially real and perceived.

In her new book “Necklaces for the Headless” the Rwandan author, Mrs. Gabriella Emilie Afrika, a Director of Marketing at the University of Kigali, showcases to children both young and old what it is like to live through disabilities both physical and imagined.

Gabriella is passionate about humanity and despises hate injustice and stonyhearted individuals who are devoided of feelings for others, this side of her personality showcases all throughout her illustrations and her book.  

Her book is just 78 pages, but too powerful to fill your head with infinity pages. 

She describes the complexity of people living with disabilities through Rosine born in a rural village in Rwanda.

The girl in the book was born headless. Yes, headless. One day she asked  her mother why being headless was so bad, her mother replied: “Oh, honey, it’s because you are an alien.”

Rosine, one day, is standing in the crowed asking herself should she wish she was never born…tears began to stream down her neck…

Her only friend, Enrique, makes mysterious moves that makes this thoughtful, mind teasing piece of story such an inspiring tale.Interestingly, the book is full of illustrations and art  conceptualized from and co- illustrated by the author, herself.

The book exposes one of the most shameful misdemeanor of human beings against others but also speaks of courage determination love and resillience . 

Read the book!

Telling you more about her tale in this review would be the worst injustice to both Rosine and the author.

Look for the book and read it, then come around and I challenge you to discuss it, see who has a head and who doesn’t or if the character is truly headless.

The book is available on Xlibis bookstores,  Amazon, ebay, barnes and nobles amongst many other worldwide retailers, starting Monday December 21.

The book is also registered in the library of congress in the united states and competing towards a BESTSELLING POSITION. 

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