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Rwanda To Phase Out Passports Issued Before June 2019

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Rwanda announced Monday that it was phasing out analogue passports issued before 27th June 2019  to pave way for new electronic ones.

“Inviting you to apply for the new e-Passport. From 28th June 2022, old passports (issued before 27th June 2019 ) shall be phased out,” said Rwanda Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration.

The new passports feature enhanced security features ruling out chances of forgery and identity theft. Among the new features include a microchip, which makes it tamper-proof that will capture biometric data ensuring identification of the holder.

The categories include ordinary passport for minors valid for two years (Rwf25,000), ordinary 5-year passport with 50 pages (Rwf75,000), ordinary 10-year passport with 66 pages (Rwf100,000), service passport with 5-year validity (Rwf15,000) and diplomatic passport (Rwf50,000).