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Rwanda Summer Golf Enters Second Day

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The night cold breeze from Lake Muhazi ascends gradually from the calm fresh water body through the uphill golf course as you dance away the first night while welcoming the second day of the Rwanda Summer Golf.

Very exciting seeing hundreds of Rwandans and visitors at the golf course all wearing modern headphones that silently pipe in exciting music mixed remotely by Kigali’s best DJs. The social distancing and facemasks highly observed is testament that our lives will never be the same again ever since Covid-19 invaded this beautiful country.

The Governor of Eastern Province Fred Mufulukye noted on his day one speech that the covid-19 must be adhered to, “we want to have you alive.”

For a recap of Rwanda Summer golf follow through the exciting uncut speeches captured by Taarifa Team on Saturday.

Domestic tourism in Rwanda has now been officially unlocked. All exciting ideas out there could be well incubated and hatched into a realty. Sports has been added to the list of tourism products by the Rwanda Development Board.

Governor Mufulukye said that his province made up of seven districts is ready to provide all forms of support to anyone with an idea that would promote tourism in this part of the “very beautiful” province.

He has also proposed to organizers of the Rwanda Summer Golf event to consider turning it into an annual event.

Rwanda Summer Golf Valued At 200million