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Rwanda Recieves More 314,730 doses of Covid Vaccine

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German has airlifted about 314,730 doses of Covid-19 Vaccine- the German embassy said on Saturday.

“Just flown in 314,730 doses of BioNTech Group and Pfizer via Covax to Rwanda,” the German embassy in Rwanda said.

Rwanda has so far fully vaccinated 4.94million people representing about 38.1% of the total population. The country has 12.3 million covid vaccine doses given so far.

Before the country slid into the festive season, government issued new guidelines aimed at further stemming the spread of covid-19 pandemic especially its new deadlier variant Omnicron originating from.

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Commuter public buses began operating requiring passengers to and from Kigali to present vaccination certificates, as a new COVID 19 preventive guideline.