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Rwanda Police Says Security Was Calm In Festive Period


 The security situation in this festive period remains “generally calm and peaceful” with no major incidents, Rwanda National Police  (RNP) spokesperson, Commissioner of Police (CP) John Bosco Kabera, said Wednesday. 


CP Kabera also hailed the conduct of people during their varied celebrations, which he said were organised and done in an orderly and safer manner.


“The security situation continue to be calm across the country with people going about their normal businesses and merrymaking as usual,” CP Kabera said.


He went on to reassure the general public of their safety but urged them to “enjoy responsibly and peacefully” respecting the culture and beliefs of others.


“There were isolated cases on Christmas Day including road accidents largely caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, over speeding and reckless driving,” CP Kabera said. 

Overall, he said, 16 accidents were recorded countrywide on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, injuring 32 people.


“Thirteen accidents were minor and three serious; unfortunately we lost two lives due to avoidable deadly behaviours of some drivers,” said CP Kabera.


One of the serious accidents involved a Rwanda Transport Company (RTCO) bus, which went off the road at Kibuza in Gacurabwenge Sector, Kamonyi District road, killing one person. 


According to Police, this accident was caused by the driver, who had interfered with the speed governor.


Another fatal accident occurred on December 26, when a speeding vehicle knocked and killed a pedestrian around Rwandex.


Police also arrested a drunkard lady driver, who destroyed several palm trees along the road to Kanombe International Airport.


“As usual, no one should condone any acts of lawlessness either in these festivities or any other day all-year-around. We appeal to the general population to desist from acting in a manner that has potential to cause harm to themselves or other people,” CP Kabera said.


“Those celebrating, we urge them to stay within the confines of the law.”




Meanwhile, Police reported that it also arrested three suspected thieves said to have been breaken into houses in Gatsata Sector, Gasabo District where they stole assorted household valuables especially electronics. 


The trio include the prime suspected thief and his two accomplices; a commercial motorcyclist and taxi-driver, who helped him in transporting the stolen items.


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