Rwanda Police Says Parliamentary Elections Were Peaceful



Rwanda National Police (RNP) said on Thursday that the just concluded parliamentary election were “peaceful” and conducted in a “smooth and secure environment.”

RNP spokesperson Commissioner of Police (CP) Theos Badege said that there was “no significant incident or road accident related to elections recorded.”

“Throughout the entire electoral process that started on August 13 with the launch of campaigns, it was characterized by people positive attitude, respect for the laws” CP Badege said.

“Our pre-elections planning jointly with other security organs and partnership with local authorities under the effective coordination of the National Electoral Commission (NEC) made sure that everything goes smooth,” he added.

“We secured campaigns and electoral materials, supported in the transportation and providing security of electoral materials, and enabled safe and secure environment of NEC staff and post-election celebrations.”

“The usual community policing awareness campaigns also proved effective in this case. It has become a culture and Rwandans are law abiding citizens, they understand their rights and equally important they are the custodians of the law as major proactive policing and crime prevention players,” he explained.

He, however, said that the “very few minor cases” were managed and handled in partnership with Rwanda Investigations Bureau (RIB) and the National Electoral Commission.

President Kagame casting his vote at the Rwanda Embassy in China before he attended the just concluded China-Africa Cooperation summit in Beijing

The spokesperson appealed to the general public to maintain the spirit of responsiveness against lawlessness through real timely information sharing.