Rwanda Pepper Farmers Can’t Find Market



Tones of fresh green pepper are silently going to waste as hundreds of Rwandan farmers fail to find market for their products.

Although RwandaFresh Brand regularly reports on exports of fresh products from the country to destinations including Europe, United Arab Emirates and African member states, there are hundreds of local farmers still wondering how to access such markets.

Those that Taarifa has engaged on condition of anonymity say that agriculture is becoming a very difficult domain to keep up with because of lack of market for various products ranging from poultry, vegetables, fruits and livestock.

“I have a lot of pepper in my garden but I  can’t ant find the market,” a Farmer in Rwamagana told Taarifa preferring not to use his names.

Pie Ntwari, the Pupluc Relations ane Communication Specialist at NAEB told Taarifa that all producers are advised to grow for markets sought before.

“All opportunities are shared equally. Had we known the farmer you are talking about we could have assessed what went wrong and advised on what should be done next,” he said.

In the latest updates, RwandaFresh Brand said that, last week Rwanda earned U$263,707 worth of of revenues from 87, 247Kg of Rwandan horticultural products.

It further said, fruits (all) were exported to the United Arab Emirates and DRC. Vegetables we mainly exported to UK and DRC and flowers to the Netherlands and South Korea.

For a vast host of local farmers across the country would need help on accessibility of such foreign markets.

Meanwhile, Carrefour a multinational corporation specialized in retail on Sunday officially launched Rwanda’s horticultural fresh products in the United Arab Emirates.

Arnaud Bouf, Vice President MAF Carrefour graced the official launch alongside Emmanuel Hategeka Rwanda’s envoy in UAE.


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