Rwanda For Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2021 ‘Wildlife Program’ Award



Rwanda has been given the Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2021 ‘Wildlife Program’ Award as announced Tuesday by Global travel authority Lonely Planet.

“Travel is a much more considerate exercise in 2021 than it has been ever before,” Lonely Planet CEO Luis Cabrera said.

Cabrera said, “Best in Travel 2021 reflects how travel contributes to sustainability, community and inclusivity and showcases how we can best explore the world responsibly.”

“Best in Travel 2021 champions people, places and organizations that are making travel a force for good, all the more essential in a year when COVID-19 has disrupted and deprioritized travel, added Cabrera.

Meanwhile, reacting to this award, Belise Kariza, Chief Tourism Officer of the Rwanda Development Board said, “we appreciate Lonely Planet’s acknowledgement of the hard work that’s been done across Rwanda’s tourism industry to make meaningful strides in sustainability. We know the tourism sector is resilient, and we will overcome these times as well – and will emerge even better and stronger than before.”

She explained that towards the end of what has been a very difficult year, “being granted with this prestigious award is truly exciting for us,” Kariza said, adding that the past few months have been trying for everyone, and the tourism industry in Rwanda and around the world has suffered greatly.

According to Kariza, the Rwanda Development Board hopes that its efforts to keep sustainability top-of-mind might create a ripple effect in wildlife, community and environmental tourism efforts around the world.

Reflecting the fast-changing nature of travel and tourism, Lonely Planet will release its companion features on travel themes for 2021 in January. “We expect the pace of change to continue through 2020,” said Cabrera.

“So, we’re taking responsibility to be up-to-date with our guidance. We know travellers rely on Lonely Planet. In the new year, we’ll return with more essential suggestions for travel in 2021,” Cabrera added.

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