Behind Every Great Man There Is A Great Woman

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Some time back, I had a privilege to re-unite with a long time campus female friend. After exchanging jovial hugs, we opted to take a cup of tea for a cordial sit-down-chat. I inquired about her family, she said her first-born, Tom, had finished kindergarten and his sister, Joan, who is now married, was doing “fairly well” with her husband.

As the conversation drew deeper, she asked me one simple, yet striking and mysterious question: “Why is it that men often cease to love and cherish their wives after they are married?”

My vague and hesitant response was like… ‘Does it really often happen? Before adding half-heartedly, ‘it’s perhaps because couples are too familiar to each other. Her body language showed she was unconvinced.

And at the bottom of my heart, conscience kept on reminding me I ought to look for a satisfactory answer to that mystery. Recently, coincidentally, I came across a marvelous book titled: “Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood”.

It is one of the best books I have read in my lifetime. It shows readers how to unlock all the love and tenderness among couples; a book you will read and never part with.

So the bitter truth is that quite often, a man ceases to love and cherish his spouse because she stops doing things that aroused his love when they were courting. As simple as that! Thus, all married women have to re-awaken their husbands’ love and tenderness, simply by obeying the unchanging feminine laws by which man’s love and tenderness is aroused and sustained.

The book has taught me and I believe it will teach every caring reader the art, the secrets, the laws, call them what you may, of winning a man’s deepest love. It does this by enabling females to become the kind of a woman every man can greatly love and respect, and even adore.

At some point there’s where married women are warned thus: “Your man does not need to know anything about it. In fact it’s far better that he doesn’t. It makes you even more mysterious in his eyes, more fascinating, more delightful.”

So, in essence there are ten fascinating womanhood secrets that are timeless laws in any marriage life. And interestingly, the teachings work for women of all beliefs and cultures; all that is required is trust in the wise plan of a loving God, and humility. And no particular religious viewpoint is intended to be expressed in this wonderful book.

They are old fashioned, but they work all times; for the truth transcends time.

I’m not saying husbands are never at faults or don’t make mistakes; they do but when a wife corrects her own mistakes and lives the womanhood laws, she arouses wonderful loving response from her husband more than you would dream possible- women can awaken masculine instincts in their husbands.

The secret of all this is that a loving couple becomes a powerful team that brings out the best in each other. It brings out the best in their children and others they come in contact with. After all, isn’t family the nucleus of the entire society or modern nation state?

I guess females must be anxious to know these ten secrets- you can call them feminine laws. However, owing to insufficient space I will outline key ones upon the rest hinge.

Number one teaches women how to minimize husbands’ faults and weaknesses. Secret number two shows a woman how she can vastly increase his self-confidence and arouse his love and affection for spouses.

The other crucial one teaches a woman how to comfort her husband when he is discouraged in such a way as to deepen his love for her for ever, while another one shows wives how to let go worrying about money; feel secure in their husbands’ ability to provide- to make him fully accept masculine responsibility.

Equally important is the secret that shows wives how to obtain womanly needs and wants in such a way that husbands enjoy meeting their needs and love them more deeply forever.

Last but most important secret number ten teaches a woman how to handle anger; bother her own and the husband’s anger in such a way as to increase his sexual love.

After all, every man has a strong desire to succeed in his career, no matter what kind of work he does because he has someone he deeply loves to work for- to die for if necessary. It’s all about a strong family; a big prize and a big prize has a price.

In nutshell, believe me or not, a woman can build or destroy a man; put sand in a machine it will wreck it. Put oil in it and it will run smoothly. Thus any married female who sincerely applies and consistently lives all the ten secrets revealed in this book will awaken deep feelings of warm and tender love in her husband. He will respect her and fiercely protect her. He will even adore her and treat her as a queen.

Those are not my laws; I simply shared what I read. If you are in disagreement, please share your point of view. Meanwhile, I think I have some talking point when I re-connect with my pal.





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