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Russia Parliament Adopts Bill On Genocide Against Peoples of Soviet Union

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The Russian Parliament (State Duma) at a plenary session unanimously adopted a draft statement “On the genocide of the peoples of the Soviet Union by Germany and its accomplices during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.”

According to emerging details, the document was submitted for consideration by the Committee on International Affairs.

The authors of the statement also accused NATO and “the countries of the collective West led by the United States of Ukraine’s anti-Russian crimes.”

According to the text of the statement, the State Duma considers it necessary to give a judicial and legal assessment of the crimes against humanity committed during the Great Patriotic War.

The document states that now “the causes and results of the Second World War are turning from an object of historical and memorial research into an instrument of geopolitical confrontation.”

In particular, the State Duma called cynical Germany’s attempts to “promote a false thesis about the alleged joint responsibility and identity of Hitler’s Germany and the USSR”.

The State Duma also condemned the resolution adopted by the Bundestag in November 2022 recognizing the mass famine in the territory of the Ukrainian SSR in 1932 and 1933 as genocide of the Ukrainian people .

“The increasingly active participation of NATO and the countries of the collective West, led by the United States, in Ukraine’s anti-Russian crimes and their activities in support of Ukrainian armed formations, including the increase in the supply of offensive weapons … make it imperative to state that the responsibility for further deterioration of the military -the political situation in the conflict zone and on the Eurasian continent as a whole lies not only with the puppet Kiev regime, but also with those who supply it with deadly weapons, finance militants and terrorists, and are ready to fight Russia in a revanchist frenzy “until the last Ukrainian soldier” , says the document.

Holodomor is a mass famine in 1932-1933, which was observed throughout the Ukrainian SSR.

According to various estimates, from 3.5 million to 5 million people died as a result.

In 2006, the Verkhovna Rada recognized the Holodomor as genocide, Russia did not recognize this decision.

Some historians believe that the famine was caused by the actions of the Bolsheviks.

In 2022, the Bundestag also recognized the Holodomor in Ukraine in the 1930s as a genocide that was deliberately organized and supported.

The Russian Foreign Ministry accused Germany of trying to blur the memory of World War II.

In December, a similar resolution was adopted by the European Parliament , in February 2023 – Bulgaria .

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