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Rusesabagina Sues GainJet Aviation Company For Kidnapping Him

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High level terrorism suspect Paul Rusesabagina,66, currently in a Rwandan jail, has through his lawyers sued Greek operator business aviation GainJet for aiding his kidnap and eventual repatriation to Rwanda.

On Monday afternoon, Rusesabagina’s lawyers filed a 90-page lawsuit in a US based San Antonio federal court suing GainJet Aviation and an accomplice identified as Constantin Niyomwungere.

The suit is Lodged as Rusesabagina v. GainJet Aviation, 20-cv-1422, U.S. District Court, Western District of Texas (San Antonio).

“This case arises out of a conspiracy of the Rwandan government and defendants GainJet and Constantin Niyomwungere to engage in the unlawful extradition, arbitrary detention, and torture of Paul Rusesabagina,” states the 90-page lawsuit.

According to sources, a similar case is expected be lodged in Belgium where terror suspect Rusesabagina holds citizenship and a US green-card holder.

Other details also indicate that Rusesabagina, his wife and their six children are named as plaintiffs in the suit.

Although the arrest and extradition of Rusesabagina remains mysterious due to limited details of the entire process, it is alleged that in August was asked to leave his home in San Antonio, Texas, and travel to Burundi through Dubai to speak at churches and at public gatherings about his experience during the 1994 genocide against Tutsi which claimed a million lives.

However, when Rusesabagina got to Dubai and boarded a plane chartered by GainJet, a private airline based in Athens, Greece, he expected to be taken to Burundi for this speaking circuit.

Instead, he alleges he was joined by Niyomwungere, an alleged “Rwandan operative,” and taken to Kigali, where Rusesabagina “had previously sworn that he would never return.”

Rusesabagina claims GainJet’s pilot and co-pilot were responsible for their passengers’ safety yet did nothing when the plane landed in Kigali instead of Burundi.

“GainJet and its employees and agents did not issue any international ‘Mayday’ call or ‘squawk ‘7700” on the radio — the internationally recognized code for distress or an emergency situation in flight,” Robert Hilliard, the Rusesabagina family’s lawyer, said in a 90-page law suit.

However, President Paul Kagame said after Rusesabagina’s arrest that Rwanda did nothing wrong in the arrest of Rusesabagina because he was arrested under an international warrant for leading “terrorist movements”.

“Rwanda may not be doing well and they may really want to change things but the method they use by killing people is not acceptable,” Kagame explained. Rusesabagina is on record for publicly heading the National Liberation Front (FLN) and Rwandan Movement for Democratic Change (MRCD) and priding their actions of killing, looting, kidnapping and destroying infrastructure in communities surrounding Nyungwe National Park forest in Southern Rwanda.

“He will have to answer for all these actions,” President Kagame said, Rusesabagina has blood on his hands,” his foreign backers can only help him to prop him as a movie hero but he will have to answer for killing Rwandans whether he likes or not.”


According Rwanda’s prosecution, Rusesabagina is accused of creation and being part of an irregular armed group, financing terrorism, terror activities for political gains, conspiracy to commit terror activities, commanding terror acts and being part of a terrorist group.

Rusesabagina is also battling charge of conspiracy and encouraging others to join a terror group, conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to kidnap, conspiracy to armed robbery, conspiracy to commit arson, conspiracy to aggravated assault and conspiracy to conscript children in an armed group.

Taking off, Gulfstream belonging to Greek operator business aviation GainJet


This aviation company launched its operations office in Kigali way back in 2014.

According to company president GainJet Ramsey Shaban , ” in Africa, especially in the eastern and northern regions , a shortage of VIP- operators with these VIP- planes .”

Kigali International airport he regards as the most well-positioned in the heart of the continent’s aviation hub .

The company’s interest GainJet work on the African continent was decided back in 2011 , when the company became one of the founders of the Association of African Business Aviation AfBAA.

“One of the missions is to create a single AfBAA legal complex and achieving a more favorable environment for the industry throughout Africa,” says Ramsey Shaban.

Kagame Insists Rusesabagina Must Account For Rwandans He Killed