Rudasingwa Is Unhinged And Delusional

In a recent letter dated October 14, 2018, (and a third one, without a response) to President Emmanuel Macron of France,  Rudasingwa pleads with Macron to pay attention to “the plight of the Rwandan people.”

Like a scorned partner whose lover ignores their advances, Rudasingwa pleads for attention in what has become nothing but rambling and annoying, desperate pleas of a tragic figure.

After well over a decade of self-imposed exile, the ravages of time and financial hardships are beginning to take hold, hence the constant and desperate attempts to remain a player in a political landscape that has changed but Rudasingwa fails to acknowledge same.

Poor man refuses to realize that when the music  changes, so does the dance.

One would think that when one writes to a Head of State, you would try and be polite and observe all decorum. Not “Redcom.” He refers to the “uneasy conscience of the French people with regard to Rwanda, and the ambiguous response of the French Government that oscillates between a silence born of guilt, and measures that point to succumbing to Kigali’s blackmail.”

For the first time, and I am sure un-intentionally, Rudasingwa agrees that the French had a role, and were indeed complicit, in the genocide against Tutsi.

In this latest letter Rudasingwa expresses, ad nauseum, an overwhelming obsession with the downing of Habyarimana’s presidential jet. He refers to it as the “unresolved question of who is responsible for the shooting down of the plane…”

But in the same breath he says, “French Prosecutors demanded to the investigating judge in the case of shooting down of the plane … to be dropped due to “insufficient evidence.”

Speaking in this reptelian manner has become Rudasingwa’s signature.

Investigation after investigation have resolved this question and the world has moved on. Not Rudasingwa, in an obvious and shameless attempt to remain relevant to his core base of psycophants and lackeys.

I wish someone would remind the brother that if you want to be respected, you must respect yourself. Which reminds me of Muhammad Ali’s words; “A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.” Alas.

That Rudasingwa believes, or continues to propagate the notion that the downing of Habyarimana’s plane “was the firing shot that triggered the subsequent genocide” is both unnerving, grossly dishonest and proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the man is unhinged and in need of urgent psychological care. I am not a physician, but I don’t think I am off mark here.

I respect every individuals’ right to their own opinion, but you cannot go around making your own facts. At this, Rudasingwa has become a ninja. And not a good one.

He writes; “Western powers, notably the United States and the United Kingdom, out of guilt and geostrategic interests, have cushioned President Kagame’s regime from accountability.”

Who can believe this nonsense that Rwanda has the power to influence the big powers like Rudasingwa claims? He ought to be reminded of the African proverb: A fish wouldn’t get into trouble if it kept its mouth shut.

According to Rudasingwa Rwanda has been in a state of “political crisis that began in 1959.” One would have to forgive him because he has not been in the country for over a decade, and remains a fugitive from justice. But he reads, and I am sure he watches news, so ignorance is no excuse. But what must not be forgiven are treasonous and seditious utterances from a grown man. There are consequences for such bad, pedestrian behavior.

Rwandans do forgive. We don’t forget.

Rudasingwa concludes his pleas and bromance with President Macron after castigating him for “dark spots in France’s imperial history (Algeria, Indochina) to galvanize anti-French emotions in Africa and beyond” by saying that “Any French leader who fails to recognize this basic lesson will ultimately put himself/herself on the wrong side of history …”

The noisiest drum has nothing but air inside. And a talkative bird will not build a nest. Sadly, for Rudasingwa time is running out.

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