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Uganda Deports RNC Boss in Australia

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Uganda has kicked out a pricey enemy of Rwanda, Robert Mukombozi the coordinator in Australia of Rwanda National Congress terror group.

According to our source in the corridors of power in Kampala, Mukombozi was arrested in Uganda where he had been on a RNC working visit.

“He usually travels from Australia to Uganda to meet up with his RNC colleagues especially Sulah Nuwamanya and Boonabana Prossy.

Mukombozi also has a Ugandan girlfriend,” a reliable source told Taarifa adding that Mukombozi has always been accorded protection assigned to Boonabana.

This source also added that since the relations between Kigali and Kampala have drastically improved, Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Keinerugaba is very angry with anyone soiling the relations between the two countries.

Another source in the diplomatic realm argued that Lt. Gen. Muhoozi should also arrest and deport anti-Kigali elements operating on Ugandan territory, “There are many known Kigali enemies in Uganda but the Kampala regime seems reluctant on tackling them.”

Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba said on Twitter that Mukombozi had been expelled, describing him as an “enemy of Rwanda and Uganda”. “Sent back wherever he came from”, and posting pictures of him heading towards a plane at Entebbe airport.

Mukombozi’s deportation follows a pledge by the powerful Lt. Gen. Muhoozi to crack down on what Kigali considers a terrorist outfit.
“I don’t like doing this, but if it saves the lives of my soldiers, I will do anything. I thank CMI, under Maj.General Birungi for this excellent operation. This enemy of Uganda and Rwanda was picked up and sent back to wherever he came from,” said Lt. Gen. Muhoozi.

Rwanda National Congress terror group was founded in 2010 by former Rwandan army chief Kayumba Nyamwasa and ex-spy boss Patrick Karegeya who both went into exile in South Africa.

“Gen Kayumba, I have warned you enough. You are playing with my country and the results will be terrible for you. RNC has absolutely no space in Uganda,” Lt. Gen. Muhoozi said in a tweet.

In February, Lt. Gen. Muhoozi vowed to halt the “illegal and criminal” activities of the RNC in Uganda, saying the group had nearly driven the two countries to a “stupid war”.

Mukombozi has been advising the Australian federal government on issues affecting African professional migrants and refugees and policy and strategic advice on settlement support services such as immigration, employment, Health, Housing, Education and training.