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Exclusive: RNC Claims Rwanda Bribed Lt.Gen. Muhoozi

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Uganda Land Force’s Commander, Lt.Gen. Muhoozi Keinerugaba, credited for recently turning around the Kampala-Kigali relations is accused by Rwanda’s enemies that he has been bribed by Kigali.

Lt.Gen. Muhoozi also an adviser to President Yoweri Museveni has been in Kigali twice in a span of two months meeting with President Paul Kagame to “sort out all outstanding issues between Uganda and Rwanda”.

More importantly the outcome of his two private trips includes so far Kigali’s reopening of the border with Uganda as other issues continue to be discussed through various channels.

Although Uganda hasn’t made any significant reciprocation, Lt. Gen. Muhoozi warned Rwandan enemies not to use Uganda as a base to destabilize Kigali.

“General Kayumba and RNC, I don’t know what problems you had in Rwanda with the mainstream RPF (Rwanda’s ruling political party/RDF (Defence Force)? But I warn you not to dare use my country for your adventures,” Lt.Gen. Muhoozi said after his first trip to Kigali.

This statement made against Rwandan enemies has triggered a sudden backlash within the ranks and file of these terror groups that operate and plan attacks from Uganda although Kampala regime had persistently denied the accusation.

Mobilisers of the Rwanda National Congress terror group led by Kayumba Nyamwasa have come up with a very disturbing accusation against Lt.Gen. Muhoozi alleging that he was clandestinely offered a very huge bribe by the Kigali establishment and that the private trips to Kigali on chattered flights are merely for window-dressing.

The most preferred method by agents of the Rwanda National Congress and other anti-Rwandan groups is creating a cloud of fear for successfully blackmailing anyone that seems not cooperative or supportive to their efforts against the government in Kigali.

A source with insider understanding of the corridors of power in Kampala told Taarifa in 2020 that the issue of Rwanda-Uganda is highly feared and most public officials including those high in the security structures would only want to walk away. “They fear blackmail or would be accused of being bribed by Rwanda,” the source said on condition of anonymity.

Sulah Nuwamanya, the coordinator of RNC activities in Uganda, and his cohort Prossy Boonabana, the woman behind much of the anti-Kigali rhetoric on social media, have intensified offensive against Lt.Gen. Muhoozi.

These two who have pending criminal cases awaiting trial in a Ugandan court, according to a source, and “have continued meeting up with Rwandan refugees, getting money from them while assuring them of protection since they have been telling them that Lt.Gen. Muhoozi is planning to kidnap them and send them to Rwanda.”

Nuwamanya and Boonabana have been claiming that Rwanda bribed Lt. Gen. Muhoozi with a lot of money, “however, nothing changed and they still have the support, so they have to keep organising and also fundraise money for both protection and rebel activities,” a source added.

Meanwhile, although Uganda government last year suspended 50 NGOs including; Self-Worth Initiative, a Non Governmental Organisation through which Rwanda National Congress (RNC) terror cell clandestinely conducts its activities in Uganda, Nuwamanya and Boonabana  claim their NGO was granted permission to revive operations.

Nuwamanya and Boonabana tell their new recruits according to a reliable source, “they got assurance from President Museveni that whatever Lt. Gen. Muhoozi is doing is just a show to make Rwanda open the boarder. But their [RNC] activities should continue; however they have to organize themselves within self-worth organization.”

The source adds that this duo has also managed to help the FDRL operatives in Uganda to acquire Uganda National IDs and have been working with some people in immigration to acquire passports for some of the Rwandan refugees.

For Example Nuwamanya who previously worked at the New Times publication in Kigali, fled Rwanda leaving behind his National ID and Passport.

When he reached Kampala, he bribed some officials in the immigration and acquired a Ugandan Passport and ID. “It is these corrupt contacts in Immigration that Nuwamanya is conniving with to facilitate FDLR combatants from Congo, RNC and other anti Rwanda elements.”

Nuwamanya, has been instrumental in coordinating Abaryankunda group, a small terror cell in Kampala- they depend on him mostly for the sake of security and Ugandan identity cards although fugitive Ntamuhanga Cassien refused to meet with Nuwamanya in 2020.

“He has some agents in immigration who he coordinates with and are the same people who helped him to acquire his East African passport even though he was still a Rwandan national,” the source told Taarifa.

Meanwhile, since Boonabana successfully pleaded to President Museveni for special protection and got granted army bodyguards, it is this security apparatus that Nuwamanya and Boonabana are using to prove to unsuspecting recruits that indeed government of Uganda is very supportive of anti Rwanda initiatives.

“Boonabana’s security status which she acquired from CMI and uses to assure refugees and immigration officers that everything they do is backed up by President Museveni,” the source said.

The source explains that the name Prossy has helped them to continue mobilizing and blackmailing Rwandan refugees to contribute funds and also using security to guard Rwandan fugitives from outside who visit Uganda and then they assure them security and government backing but all is false information they coordinate without mainly government support but few elements who are still helping them to operate freely in the country.

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