Rapper Lil G Refuses Too Be Called Faded Artiste

Waning out of music star Lionel Karangwa famous on stage as Lil G refuses to be labelled as ‘A faded musician’ but accepts working on a slow pace, not having any hit song for years and giving less attention to music.

The once promising artiste of 2010’s is currently categorized among faded musicians in the eyes of music fans for being a no show in today’s trending music arena despite having a brighter kick starter.

The 26 years old still believes to relevant in the game whoever, he admits working on a tortoise speed compared to singers like Bruce Melody, Sintex, Marina and many releasing hit after hit now days.

“I don’t count myself as a faded singer because I still do produce songs, do interviews on various radio stations but I do agree, I got other businesses which took away my time for music hence being less productive musically which led music fans to categorize me into faded artists,” says Lil G

Lil G came onto music scene back in 2007 as a young lyricist with hits like Aca Blague, No return and Nimba Umugabo featuring Meddy, who was at the same time starting his music journey.

By the time, Lil G wasn’t even old enough to have a national identity card but given his skills on microphone, he managed to earn himself a seat in music arena at the time.

Lil G went on to release hit songs like Agakoni Ka abakobwa featuring legendary Suudi Mavenge and even managed to establish a recording studio dubbed Round Music from proceedings he earned from concerts and bar shows.

After starting a studio which was meant to boost his music career by cutting studio costs, it instead cultivated his downfall musically.

In a recent interview while premiering his new song ‘Uraho Neza’, Lil G publically noted that he only releases a new song when there’s too much pressure from fans, but he is stuck with his other business not related to music.

The Cyore hitmaker has been in music industry for more than 13 years and he has worked with local and regional stars like Meddy, Khalifa Aganaga from Uganda in a song called Nakutamani. He is also respected in the game for paving way for young talented artistes and encouraging parents to support their children to venture into music at any age cause talent doesn’t ask age or physical appearance.

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