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Rapper DMX Hospitalised After Suffering Heart Attack




USA Rapper DMX born Earl Simmons is currently on life support at Hospital in White Plains, New York.

According to reliable press reports, DMX suffered a heart attack Friday around 11 p.m. at his home in White Plains and was taken via ambulance to a local hospital, where he remains on a ventilator, Richman said.

His longtime attorney Murray Richman said he did not know what may have caused the heart attack.

DMX was released from prison in January 2019 after serving a year behind bars for tax fraud.

The rapper burst on the rap scene in the late 1990s with songs like “Party Up” and “Get At Me Dog.” His first five albums debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts.

The 50-year-old is also an actor, and has appeared in numerous movies.

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Meghan Blasted For Uninspiring new Book



The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has come under fierce criticism after releasing a new book which reviewers described as un-inspirational but a project aimed at stuffing money in her pockets.

“Dull, uninspiring vanity project” and “sentimental drivel”says one of the reviewers via amazon. “Markle’s new 34-page book, The Bench, was released today, giving a glimpse into the Sussexes’ “authentic” life at their LA home. It is priced at £9.99.

The hardcover release of the book, on sale for £9.99, comes after Meghan and Harry’s daughter Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor was born on Friday.

One review of The Bench, listed as an Amazon best seller, described it as “too long and too expensive for an infants book”.

The reviewer wrote: “Dull and uninspiring, it is unlikely to keep a child’s interest. “The author appears to have no knowledge of young children.

I can only surmise that this book is a vanity project for the purpose of lining the pockets of the author.


“It should be recategorised from children’s books to books for sycophants.”

Another wrote: “What an insincere pile of utter sentimental drivel. I agree with a previous review that it’s a vanity project.

“Why waste money on this rubbish when there are so many brilliant entertaining books around.” And a third posted: “We didn’t enjoy this book at all – I have no idea why the author thought this story would appeal to children.

“It’s incredibly boring and uninspiring. Clearly based on the author’s life, it would have perhaps been better as a private project kept within the family that they can read themselves, and then treasure in the future.

“For anyone else, it’s just completely irrelevant.”

Another described the book for children aged one to seven as “overly sentimental and insincere But other readers gave The Bench five stars and hailed it as “beautifully written and illustrated” and “a sweet story with beautiful illustrations”.

One person wrote: “A story that is inspiring. Would highly recommend.”

Another wrote: “I find the way the book explores the relationship between father and son through the mother’s eyes very warm and cute. “The illustrations are also wonderful.”

The book’s release comes after the royal couple announced the birth of their new daughter on their website, Archewell.


Meghan has dedicated her new book to the “man and boy who make my heart go pump-pump” in a sweet note for Prince Harry and baby Archie.

The mum-of-two was “inspired” to write the book after originally creating a poem for Harry’s first Father’s Day from their son.

And the 39-year-old has already revealed a sneak peek inside the book – showing her love for the two men in her life.

A sneak peek inside the book shows Harry and Archie appear to feature in a cute illustration.

Why waste money on this rubbish when there are so many brilliant entertaining books around.

The picture shows a ginger-haired dad with a beard walking hand-in-hand with a child around Archie’s age.

Meghan’s touching dedication to Harry and Archie, reproduced from a hand-written note, reads: “For the man and the boy who make my heart go pump-pump.”

Meghan will also narrate an audiobook of the tale.

The duchess said: “The Bench started as a poem I wrote for my husband on Father’s Day, the month after Archie was born. That poem became this story.

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The Morgan Heritage Want To Live In Rwanda



If all goes well, the Heritage Morgan brothers could settle in Rwanda and live “a humble life,” says Mojo Morgan Heritage, one of the three brothers.

“We’re very humble. We need a nice size home, a safe and secure neighborhood with a good kitchen because we love to cook. All thre of us are chefs,” says Mojo, who spoke to Taarifa in an exclusive interview on Sunday night while in from Florida, USA.

The Morgans had tweeted on Sunday evening in Kinyarwanda, with the help from a friend, Lee Ndayisaba, that they would love “to be Rwandan”.

“Rwanda is a very beautiful country. We can’t wait to come home,” Mojo told Taarifa on behalf of his brothers.

The Morgans has no clue about Rwanda until in 2017 when they were invited to perform. And they were opened to a whole new lifetime experience that would leave a remarkable memory.

The only thing they knew about Rwanda was in the movies, the genocide against the Tutsi. “When we got to Rwanda and we started to google and do some research, we found out this is the cleanest country in the world and we got to see it with our two eyes, it was love at first sight. And I even wrote about it, and in a song we did and made reference to Rwanda where I said I heard about 1000 hills and never heard of 1000 kisses, something like that,” Mojo recalls.

And then a few their performance, they travelled deep in the countryside to see the majestic silver back gorilla, the nature, and the ecotourism had to offer.

“But the people were amazing, peaceful, we wondered, “are these the same people we saw in the movies?’ If you believe everything you see and hear about in the news, it will make you want to never leave your home.”

The Grammy Award winning reggae artists are grateful for the music that carries them around the world and grateful for friends like Lee that show them the beauty of their countries when they visit.

“It would be a joy for us to call Rwanda one of our homes in the world because we travel a lot…” Mojo told Taarifa, and hoped that once settled in Reanda, “I’ll find my wife there…” I am single.”

Meanwhile, the two-time Grammy-award winning Reggae band has released their highly anticipated forthcoming album, Legacy, via CTBC Music Group distributed by ONErpm.

The album makes its official premiere following the release of their latest single, “The World is Yours,” and is now available at all DSPs and streaming services. Gold NFTs to commemorate the release are also available exclusively on the blockchain. 

On the heels of their 2019 project, LOYALTY, the Reggae family is excited to release a project that truly embodies the trajectory of Morgan Heritage. Featuring some of their greatest hit songs, Legacy encompasses the music that has helped define the global stars to date including “Don’t Haffi Dread,”“Down by the River,” and “Tell Me How Come”. The album features Ziggy and Stephen Marley, Bounty Killer, Shaggy, Rebelution, Beres Hammond, Patoranking, Stonebwoy, Jemere Morgan, Esh Morgan, R. City and more. These chart-topping multi Grammy winners have shaped the narrative of Reggae music across the global stage and they have released a project that celebrates their living legacy. See full track listing below:

“It’s comparable to Bob Marley’s Legend or Peter Tosh’s Honorable Citizen. Coming out of a pandemic we wanted to celebrate our Legacy with our fans that helped make us who we are today before releasing new music and beginning the next chapter on the journey,” the band told Taarifa.

Legacy Album Track listing:

  1. “Don’t Haffi Dread” 
  2. “A Man Is Still A Man” 
  3. “Down By The River” 
  4. “One Family” ft Ziggy Marley & Stephen Marley
  5. “She’s Still Loving Me” 
  6. “Liberation” 
  7. “Selah”
  8. “Nothing To Smile About”
  9. “Perfect Love Song”
  10. “Humble” ft Toots and The Maytals
  11. “Wanna be Loved” ft Eric Rachmany from Rebelution
  12. “Love Stoned” ft Shaggy
  13. “So Amazing” ft J Boog, Jemere Morgan & Gil Sharone
  14. “Reggae Bring Back Love” 
  15. “Golden”
  16. “Gunz in the Ghetto” ft Bounty Killer
  17. “Strictly Roots”
  18. “Ready for Love” ft R. City
  19. “Pay Attention” ft Patoranking 
  20. “Africa x Jamaica” ft Diamond Platnumz & Stonebwoy 
  21. “Nice Up U Medi”
  22. “Help the Needy” ft Beres Hammond
  23. “Child of JAH” ft Chronixx
  24. “Tell Me How Come” 
  25. “Works to Do” Pt 1
  26. “Sunday Morning”
  27. “I’m Coming Home” 
  28. “Best Friend” ft Laza Morgan
  29. “Love You Right”
  30. “Home” ft Esh Morgan
  31. “We Are Warriors” ft Bobby Lee
  32. “Light it Up” ft. PelleK 
  33. “Reggae Night” ft DreZion
  34. “Freedom”
  35. “The World Is Yours”

In addition to traditionally releasing Legacy via DSPs, the band has teamed up with cryptocurrency blockchain NFT Solutions to also release exclusive merch bundle deals via Bondly Finance.

Specially made packages include NFTs with the new album, merchandise, as well as, a giveaway of over $10,000 in prizes. 

The highly desirable Gold NFT bundles include a digital download of Legacy, and a Gold NFT from Bondly Finance. The prizes include a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card, a Vizio 50″ TV with a PS5 and a MacBook Pro 13” 256 GB, as well as free VIP Access to the Legacy Live Stream Virtual Concert, 2 VIP tickets and a VIP experience for every token holder to 1 Morgan Heritage concert anywhere in the world (excluding festivals) with a few minutes to hang out with the group, and Morgan Heritage x Bondly swag that includes an autographed Legacy album poster.

As the trajectory of the musical landscape shifts to a more digitally inclusive space, the Reggae band aims to reach their fans across all platforms and generations. 

“The combination of music and technology is more relevant today than ever. We’re excited about what the future holds not just for Reggae music but entertainment on a whole. As we saw the internet change the world, we believe the blockchain will again change the world and it’s important to us that our fans are not only aware but are involved as early as possible,” the band said in a statement.

The Legacy album is available everywhere today and can be downloaded HERE. The Gold NFT Bundles can also be downloaded HERE.

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The Rwandan Health Crisis (And I am NOT Referring To Coronavirus)



The fitness industry has been deemed non-essential by most world governments, including Rwanda, during a time of a pandemic and health crisis. COVID-19 is a serious threat and our response is a necessary step to bring the spread to a halt, save lives, and lead to an eventual restoration of normality.

I have to salute the efforts by frontline institutions such as Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) and Rwanda National Police (RNP), their tireless work in mitigating the spread of the virus is of high standards.

The fight against COVID-19 took the precedence over the fight against other medical conditions
that destroy someone’s quality of life and cause thousands of unnecessary deaths like:

  1. Heart Disease / Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)
  2. Cancers, some auto-Immune Diseases
  3. Infections and Diseases of the Lungs
  4. Metabolic Syndrome (Obesity, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, etc)

In addition, there are other problems that are not considered as medical conditions but as natural progressions of aging:

  • Excess body fat percentage
  • Sarcopenia and loss of functional capacity
  • Poor coordination and balance
  • Decreased cardio-pulmonary capacity

Pandemic or not, these issues exist. People still suffer from heart disease, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. To extend their lifespan or manage their symptoms, they seek for a pill instead of dealing with the sources.

According to the New Times’s article of October 27th 2020, the Ministry of Health (MoH) is seeking for $640m to reduce premature mortality from Non-Communicable diseases (NCDs).

On an alarming note, MoH says the number of cardiovascular patients treated in the country’s health facilities has more than tripled between 2018 and 2020 (from 25,353 in 2018 to 88,486 cases in 2020).

Fitness professionals are always ready with one of the most proven medical interventions known to humanity – EXERCISE.

In conjunction with optimal macro and micronutrient-rich diet of appropriate calories and quality sleep, exercise can quite literally save lives. Clearly, on the preventive health care front, the Government of Rwanda needs a comprehensive plan that involves fitness professionals as partners.

Fabrice 31, is a hard-working father of 2 at the prime of his life. Just like everybody, he needs to maintain his health in check to be able to accomplish his life goals and responsibilities.

About 5 years ago, I met Fabrice for the first time at CALI FITNESS, a gym where I spend most of my time. He was a regular client of the gym but we had never worked together. At some point Fabrice disappeared from the gym, we can say that life happened.

When he resurfaced months later, I couldn’t believe what I saw, Fabrice had gained a lot of weight and his health was under serious threats. He approached me and expressed interest to work with me so that I could help him lose all that excess weight and ultimately get his life back.

The next day, we had a consultation meeting, where I got to learn a bit more about what happened and about his then lifestyle. We set short term and long-term goals, and we started working very hard.

After 1 year of serious sweat work and clean eating, Fabrice lost a lot of body fat and built a tone of muscles as you can see on the photo.

His posture is better, his sleep was significantly improved, his confidence is through the roof and most importantly, he has reversed critical conditions which weighed heavy on him and a real threat to his health.

None of this would have been possible without the intervention of professional help on   exercise. His achievement is definitely the proof that gyms are the perfect solution to fighting NCDs.

Exercise is ESSENTIAL To Health

Without a doubt, exercise routine is ESSENTIAL to our health, especially when it comes to addressing longevity and quality of life.

  • Exercise can improve our body composition,
  • Increase our metabolic rate
  • Manage our blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides,
  • Increase oxygen supply to the body and brain
  • Keep our hormones in balance.
  • Strength training that leads to muscle hypertrophy which results in  good posture and overall strength
  • Being strong makes us resilient to injury and pain, helps maintain coordination, balance and ultimately helps overcome physical, emotional, and mental hurdles.
  • Exercise makes us happier – This is a well-studied area and data shows that the gym is an effective anti-depressant and the perfect place to invest anxious energy.

This list is not exhaustive, but it paints a crystal clear picture:

Exercise is essential for all. It is effective if you are an individual or if it’s a collective. Movement is fundamental to any preventive plan against disease and disfunction.  

Thus, when we consider those of us who have dedicated our lives to preaching exercise, preaching its benefits, with mission to make our world a healthier place – clearly, our profession is ESSENTIAL.

The list of preventable diseases and dysfunction is uncomfortably long and yet our field which one of the most effective solutions, is not seen as essential.

About The Author

Ivan Munyengango, known on social media as Ivan Munye, is a fitness entrepreneur, a fitness trainer with more than 10 years in the industry. Certified by the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) He is a member of The International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) His work revolves around private training, Strength and Conditioning for athletes and Corporate wellness consulting. He is a health and fitness professional who loves sharing knowledge and passion for fitness and it’s impressive to see how many Rwandans he inspires.

“The human body is, by design and construction, an athletic machine designed to perform physical tasks. To neglect the required maintenance of that machine is to deny its nature”

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