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President Tshisekedi’s Security Aide Arrested For Plotting Coup

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The coup Tsunami currently sweeping through francophone countries in west Africa may have tried knocking on doors of franco-central Africa .

President Felix Tshisekedi of DRC had to hurriedly suspend attendance of the 35th session of the General Assembly of the African Union of Heads of State and Government in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  after it emerged that his own Special Security Advisor, François Beya had engineered a coup on Saturday.

The National Intelligence Agency (ANR) swiftly arrested François Beya.

“There are clear elements that prove that a conspiracy was being orchestrated by senior brass and personalities. But the Services have been alerted and are in the process of dismantling the network, “said a security source without further details.

Maître Georges Kapiamba president of the Congolese Association for Access to Justice confirmed he visited François Beya at the ANR detention. François Beya is suspected of “conspiracy”.

Former private secretary and diplomatic adviser to former President Joseph Kabila, Kikaya Bin Karubi, announced this Saturday, February 5, that the Democratic Republic of Congo “will not be an exception” to the storm of “cascading coups” that are shaking Africa.

From his blog, Kikaya Bin Karubi said that the “cascading coups: a new Africa in the making. Supported by the people, young military officers take power, putting an end to the hypocrisy and lies of the great powers. “DR Congo will be no exception,” he added. Later he deleted this blog.