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President Tshisekedi Instructs Quick Pay For DRC Army



President Felix Tshisekedi has ordered that salaries of soldiers on the frontline be hurriedly processed to avoid demoralizing them.

The Congolese president issued the instructions during a virtual 38th cabinet meeting on Friday after learning of the grievances of the Armed Forces.

Tshisekedi informed members of the Government that he does not want to hear about a delay in payments to the Armed Forces. “Indeed, such a situation can lead to the demotivation of our troops on the battle front,” the President said.

The angry Head of State has therefore asked the Government to deal expeditiously with the release of funds whose payments are overdue.

President Tshisekedi who launched a military campaign against armed rebellion in the Eastern Part of the country, said he was aware of the rebellion attempts in the Eastern part of the country. He said he remains committed to wiping out the rebels.

To the Minister of Defense, the Head of State asked to take the necessary measures to neutralise the various negative forces in this part of the country, ensuring in particular the strengthening of security around Minembwe and in Haut-Haut.

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