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President Tshisekedi Has New Security Policy For Eastern DRC

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Governors of the Provinces of Ituri, North, and South Kivu flew to Kinshasa to receive an orientation on the new Security Policy designed for their territories infested by rebels.

President Felix Tshisekedi also summoned his Prime Minister Ilunga Ilunkamba, accompanied by members of his Government to the Presidential Palace in the capital Kinshasa. The President chaired this extraordinary meeting on Security and Development in the Eastern part of the DRC.

During the meeting on Monday, the issue of security in the east of the country was reviewed extensively for more than five hours.

Bamanisa Saidi, governor of Ituri province, told reporters after the meeting that the President was very keen on ending all mechanisms so that security could return to the region and eventually make it economically viable. “The President is keen to definitively break this cycle of violence by armed groups that have become recurrent in the east of the country, where there is a kind of business that is done by “string pullers”, who are trying to ask for ranks or amnesty,” governor Bamanisa said.

According to the Ituri Province Governor, there was also talk of putting in place a significant budget for the year 2021 for community needs.

While explaining the deliberations in an extraordinary meeting, “All these questions were debated at length so that everyone, at their own level, could take responsibility for putting an end to the violence and definitively launching the eastern part of the country on the path to development.”