President Ndayishimiye: ‘When Africans Don’t sell in Europe, They Think They are Losers’

President Evariste Ndayishimiye of Burundi has blamed Africans for lacking solidarity and that they feel as losers when they can’t sell to the European market.

President Ndayishimiye who came to power after winning the May elections made these remarks in Malabo, the capital of Equatorial Guinea where he jetted in on Monday accompanied by First lady Angéline Ndayishimiye and a strong delegation for a 5-day state visit.

“The aim of the visit is to strengthen our bilateral relations. We have concluded cooperation agreements in the areas of socio-economic development, education, scientific research, culture, etc. We will look forward to implementation,” President Ndayishimiye told journalists.

“Africa has never been poor, it has been distracted by other civilizations,” said the Burundian leader in his speech delivered during the bilateral meeting with his Equatorial Guinea counterpart Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

According to Ndayishimiye, the misfortune that Africans have known is to have been victims of the destruction of their modes or systems of governance; “The West imposes its mode of governance on Africans while we Africans do not have the same civilization or the same way of life.”

Speaking to his counterpart, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbassogo, he argued that so far Africa has no socio-economic life problem. Its only problem is the lack of conscience of Africans.

Ndayishimiye  noted that the other problem Africa has suffered, is the lack of African solidarity. He believes that when Africans don’t sell in Europe, they think they are the losers; when they buy in Africa they have the complex of not being evolved or civilized. And to ask oneself: “Why not sell in Africa, why not buy in Africa?” To begin with, the Burundian president proposes to connect the countries and peoples of Africa by direct flights and by roads for transport.

What Pundits Say

The last time a Burundi President visited Equatorial Guinea was in 2012 when late President Nkurunziza was received by President Obiang Nguema.

Analysts consider President Ndayishimiye’s visit to Equatorial Guinea as not a light strategic choice or a simple coincidence, especially after a talk with President Magufuli on Burundi mineral resources research and investment.

Burundi under President Pierre Nkurunziza had in April 2019 had expressed interest on how Burundi can emulate the Guinea Equatorial Model because not long ago the Equatorial Guinea was poor, but that following the exploitation of mineral sources and oil, the country is developing very quickly.

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