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Over 1000kgs Of Stolen Lubricants Recovered


 Police in the City of Kigali have recovered five drums of lubricant weighing about 1000kgs, which were stolen recently from China Road Construction Company.


The drums were recovered on December 25, from the house of one Jean De Dieu Bimenyimana located in Murehe Village, Akamatamu Cell of Jabana Sector in Gasabo District. 


Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Emmanuel Kayigi, the Police spokesperson for the City of Kigali, said that Bimenyimana was also taken into custody over the crime alongside three others.


“During the operation to recover the stolen lubricant drums, after the management of China Road Construction company lodged a complaint, we received information from a resident that the drums were hidden in the house of Bimenyimana,” CIP Kayigi said.


“Bimenyimana was cooperative, he disclosed a neighbour whom they jointly owned the drums. He also revealed that they bought them from two security guards, who were manning the store where they were stolen,” he explained. 


The security guards in question are among those arrested. 


CIP Kayigi thanked the resident, who facilitated the successful operation to recover the stolen items and to arrest the people behind the criminal act.


He also called for continued information sharing on anything suspicious or illegal. 

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