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Opposition Suffers Arrests As Uganda Heads To Polls On Thursday



In less than 24 hours, Ugandans are scheduled to cast their ballots as they attempt to choose the next President and new legislative Assembly on Thursday.

One would have thought that the campaign tempo has scaled down but it is far from it- the main opposition candidate Robert Kyagulanyi is crying foul after his entire campaign team has been roughed up, arrested and dumped in detention centres across the country.

“Last night (Monday), the military yet again arrested so many friends and comrades; two days to the election! Others living as fugitives,” Kyagulanyi of the National Unity Platform party said.

He complained that the army has raided his home, arrested all security guards and anyone they could see around the premises, “No reason for the arrest was given.”

Kyagulanyi also said, “military men raided the workplace of one of our comrades Elijah Mukiibi Kaate, a 24 year old who worked in Kiseka market as a mechanic. He was shot in the stomach and today morning, he passed away.”

Herman Ainebyoona, our diaspora team leader decided to return home and participate in this historical election. Upon arrival, he volunteered to deliver polling day materials on behalf of NUP to Lira district.

“Security operatives raided his hotel & violently arrested him. He joins thousands of comrades under detention in the run up to the election,” Kyagulanyi said.

He also wondered what President Yoweri Museveni is up to for subjecting his team to such suffering throughout the campaign process.

“Gen. Museveni needs to tell the world what he intends to do in this election that he should arrest my entire campaign team, my assistants & supporters,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kyagulanyi’s security has been taken over by the government security agents after they ordered his private guards to disarm and leave the politicians home.

“The private security company that has been guarding my home for the last 12 years has been ordered to withdraw security at my house. Their supervisors showed up unannounced at midnight, disarmed my guard and said they had instructions to immediately withdraw my security,” Kyagulanyi said on Wednesday.

President Museveni said that he will address the nation on Wednesday, a move critics say is expected to bolster the ruling party’s final request for votes. “I will address the country today ahead of Thursday’s Presidential and Parliamentary elections,” Museveni said early wednesday.

“We are just 48 hours away from victory. I urge all NRM supporters to get ready to vote. We shall put to shame all those who are unhappy with Uganda’s progress and therefore think they can use this election to set us back.”


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