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Nyiragongo Volcano Threatens To Erupt Again

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The population in Goma City, DRC is living under threat following tremours linked to Nyiragongo volcano.

Volcanological Observatory of Goma (OVG) said in a statement that based on the instrumental data acquired by the team of scientists during the period from December 26 to 29, 2021, the level of continuous vibrations (volcanic tremors) is very high at the stations of Nyiragongo summit, Kibati, Rusayo and Bulengo.

According to the document, the observations of various field missions carried out during this period show that the activity is concentrated between the localities of Kibati-Shaheru-Mudjoga, adding that there are white fumes and bluish and intense heat.

In other places, there are collapses and an odour of sulfur dioxide is felt. “Ash falls and Pelé’s hair are reported to us in the inhabited places of the Bukumu / Nyiragongo chiefdom”, notes the press release, which indicates that given this intense volcanic activity currently observed on the southern flank of Nyiragongo, the team of scientists from the OVG continues the field activity.

The Goma Volcanological Observatory therefore advises the population of Goma and the surrounding area to observe the strict rules of hygiene by washing their hands and vegetables, covering food and dishes and not to use rainwater. It is also recommended to report to the OVG any abnormal phenomenon observed in connection with the volcano.