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EMMY® AWARDS Nominated Haitian Artist Donavon Brutus joins Artnoise Culture Trip To Africa

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Donavon Brutus is a Black Motion Design and illustration artist based in San Francisco.

With his experience in Fine Arts, and professional experience as an Animator, Illustrator, and Designer, he creates eye-catching, award-winning Motion Graphics.

He is a lead artist for ABC and one of the projects he developed on the team “Allies in Action” is currently nominated for an EMMY.

Donavon Brutus ongoing journey is one filled with travels as he fine-tunes and experiments on his art form and tells leading stories about Black culture within and outside of his environment. 

Donavon is an African/Haitian American professional animator and illustrator that has worked in the entertainment, education, and marketing fields for over 12 years. He was born to Haitian Parents and raised in Arkansas. 

He does a lot of personal illustration work that is inspired by animals, the human form, his travels, mindfulness, diversity, music, and popular culture. He enjoys seeing the ways in which the stories and forms conveyed through it can impact others.

His work has been shown in over 70 art exhibitions, competitions, and festivals. Some career highlights for Donavon have been Time Square Billboards, San Francisco City Buses, a mural, a Nor Cal Emmy®, and various other awards in both juried competitions and animation festivals.

In 2022, he will continue his independent creative work with Artnoise open program by traveling to Africa. The project will incorporate illustration, 2d/3d animation, video editing, and storytelling. It will incorporate African culture into the artwork. 

Donavon is one of a select few people who will be part of exploring Africa’s Historic and contemporary Arts and cultural Destinations with Artnoise Open Arts Residency Program. 

Artnoise Open Arts Residency Program offers short arts residencies in Morocco, Togo, South Africa and Canada. Each destination is curated to ensure participants complete ongoing projects, explore both historic and contemporary African art and participate in exhibitions and fairs that center their work on an international platform. Book a space at to participate.