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‘No Evidence That Rwanda Attacked Burundi’ – Nduhungirehe

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The state minister in the Ministry of foreign affairs Olivier Nduhungirehe

Amb. Olivier Nduhungirehe, Rwanda’s State Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has rejected accusations imposed on Rwanda that it is allegedly behind the recent attacks inside Burundi.

The Minister was responding to a two-page letter issued last week by Burundi government accusing Rwanda of cross border aggression.

The letter was written on November 26 and signed by Burundi’s Foreign Affairs Minister Amb. Ezechiel Nibigira.

In the letter, Burundi government accuses Rwanda of launching attacks on its territory on the night of 16-17 November.

“The Rwandan Army carried out an attack on a military position of the Burundian army located on the Twinyoni Mountain, precisely in Marura, commune Mabayi, Cibitoke province,” the letter reads in part.

“It is not surprising that Burundi is accusing Rwanda. The crisis inside Burundi is an internal matter but unfortunately Burundi is trying to find a scapegoat. It’s not the first time. There is no single evidence that these attacks came from Rwanda or were carried out by the Rwanda Defence Force,” Nduhungirehe told Taarifa.

Burundi says in this letter that it had already appealed to the East African Community, African Union and the United Nations, claiming it was denouncing attacks allegedly orchestrated by Rwanda but all this has been ignored.

According to the letter, Burundi government has therefore decided to appeal to the national and International Community to intervene and also compel the UN, EAC, AU and ICGLR to play their role.

Nduhungirehe says that it is appalling for a government to write a letter to regional and International Organizations accusing another country without any single evidence.

According to Nduhungirehe, the Burundi government is playing a diversionary game because the real issue is, there were attacks against Rwanda in the past month around Nyungwe forest and were claimed by a terrorist group FLN of Calixte Nsabimana (Sankara) and those attacks were coming from Burundi.

The minister told Taarifa in an exclusive interview that Sankara admitted in testimonies in Rwandan courts that his group is supported in Burundi and that there are networks of recruitment in the capital Bujumbura.