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Need To Give A Treat To Liberators, Ubumwe Grande Hotel Has Limited Special Offers

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You might be wondering, how best should you celebrate 26 years of a life after liberation.

Similarly, you are wondering, how best should you pay tribute to both the fallen Heroes and those that survived and soldiered on until today?

In this difficult time when the country is confronted by a pandemic, where hospitality facilities are battling the effects of the pandemic, some of them are thinking of offering special treatment to the liberators or those who want to celebrate them.

Ubumwe Grande Hotel, as an iconic fruit of the liberation struggle, a facility that has taken the lead to promote domestic tourism as a revival strategy against #COVID-19 pandemic, has something in stock for you.

“We salute our liberators, and we believe that is the same spirit out there,” says Media Umulisa, Sales and Marketing Manager.

Umulisa says the hotel has designed three special packages one can book. They are called “Kwibohora Weekend Treat”, and she says this is a fantastic package “for your loved ones.”

For a room that is usually paid US$250 for a single night in this magnificent hotel in the middle of Kigali City, with an amazing eagle’s view of the capital, it has been reduced to US$100 for two (double).

A single is available for US$80.

There is also a combo. With US$300 for two (double) and comes as a half board package. It means break fast is offered and lunch or dinner depending on your choice.

If one books from this Friday, they will stay all the way until Sunday, Umulisa confirmed.

“There is no better way to express gratitude for the liberators, if you have them as friends, relatives or parents, I would advise you to book them a room here and leave the rest to us, we will treat them with the way they deserve to be treated,” she says.Also, she added, “you also might want to celebrate the life they gave all Rwandans. The sacrifices they made, you also are welcome to join us in the celebration.”

Meanwhile, the hotel has also arranged special offerings beyond accommodation.

The day will be decorated with a half Mongolian cuisine and multiple expert cocktails and discounts on drinks and food.

For example a fully booked table will get a free bottle of wine and beers might be offered with several free extras.

“Like they say, come one come all,” Umulisa excitedly said and praid that the offer will be taken advantage of.